Friday, June 08, 2018

California Holiday 2018

More fun videos folks! This one is of me and Pat in California this past February. We spend a week in West Hollywood and then a week in Palm Springs.

Every year for the past three years Pat and I visit West Hollywood. I write for tickets to "The Price is Right". Even though we haven't been called to "come on down!" we still have a fun time. The folks at "The Price is Right" make sure that all three-hundred and fifty members of the audience has a good time, and we do folks. And who knows, maybe next year one of us will be called to "come on down!" and win a lot of money.

Last year, at the urging of our friend Nadege, we visited Palm Springs while in California. We immediately fell in love with Palm Springs. I can understand why Palm Springs is so popular with the starts and elite of Hollywood as well as regular folk. I always thought that Palm Springs was only for the rich but there is room for all.  Unlike Camp Rehoboth here which always proclaims Rehoboth is "room for all" when in reality it is only room for a closed clique of gay men and women mostly from the Washington DC area. Anyone else they ignore and I know from personal experience.  But I digress into negativity.  When we're in Palm Springs and California, all is well and we both feel very welcome and without the need to send in membership fees.  

I've seriously thought of maybe moving permanently to Palm Springs but for now I do love our home here in Delaware.  Sure, it's a little rough in the summertime when the traffic on Route One makes it difficult to get out of our development but our acre of land is a welcome oasis of peace and contentment. And we live in a neighborhood of wonderful and caring neighbors, all straight by the way and none of that exclusive clique experience from the Rehoboth Beach gay community. But  one never knows what the future will bring. I'm open to all possibilities folks.  Each day as my movements become more restricted by my gradual arthritis, I may not have a choice.

Have a great day folks!


Raybeard said...

This is a true epic, Ron. Some of it looks familiar but a lot of it not. The scenes fly past so quickly I had to go back and keep pausing certain scenes in order to fully appreciate. You've caught more than the essence of a most enjoyable time but the real flavour of it. A very fine achievement with which you deserve to be highly satisfied.

Ron said...

I hope someday you will be able to enjoy what Pat and I enjoy each year we visit California. California is truly another state of mind that needs to be experienced in person.

Raybeard said...

It'll always be on the cards, Ron. Even if I never make it (it's been on my list since teenage days) it will always be an aspiration even though I so much want it to be realised.

nitewrit said...


You asked me about the cat on my shoulders. That was Thorn and he passed away on New Year's Day this year. He was 17 years old and he died quietly and peacefully. Also, I live in Delaware like you, not i Pennsylvania.Thank you for the tribute!


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