Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump Jails Babies

Several months ago I decided not to post any more of my political rants on this blog. This has been a hard decision for me, especially lately with Trump's decision to separate children from immigrants on our southern border seeking asylum. That's right, immigrants seeking asylum, not people illegally crossing our border. These people are presenting themselves at the border seeking asylum.

Now Trump has decided with his new policy, and don't believe his lies that this is "the Democrat's fault", of using children as pawns to build his fucking wall.  That's right, the wall that he claimed "Mexico is going to pay for", another Trump Lie.  

Trump's ONLY goal is to satisfy his base so he can appear at his "rallies", strut down the runway to the rapturous applause of "I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters" audience. 

Trump is holding these children as hostages. How can anyone be that soulless? 

I can write thousands of words about the venality of Trump but I will keep this short. 

This atrocity has to stop. 

This is not who we are as Americans. 

Trump is making American great again? Each day we sink deeper and deeper into becoming the pariah of the world. 

This breaks my heart. 

I never thought I would say this in my lifetime. I am actually ashamed to be an American today.

The one thing I and we always had in this country was that we were better morally than the rest of the world.  Sure, of course there was and is the underbelly in this country of darkness of the American soul. 

A black men dragged to death behind a pickup truck just because he was black. James Byrd.

A gay man tied up to a fence crucified style, tortured and left to die. Matthew Shepard.

That element will always be in our country. Fortunately it was almost always been held in check. 

No longer. 

Now we have a person as president who actively seeks to divide us. And to shore up his base he appeals to the worst of us.

Last night on during a TV interview, Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump campaign chairman, mocked the Down Syndrome child of a woman who was arrested trying to cross our southern border for asylum. 

This is where we are at now folks. Today I am ashamed to call myself American.


Raybeard said...

Ron, amid all the current rightful indignation concerning the horrific treatment of immigrant children (could anyone have imagined this would ever occur in this day and age in an advanced and 'civilised' country!) and on a general point about the Trump-engendered climate of expressing hatred for whomsoever one wants, what in particular disappoints me is to realise just how many nasty people there are among the general population - and I don't think for one moment that the U.S.A. has any specially elevated proportion of such individuals - who now feel legitimised and energised to express their odious views in the name of 'freedom of speech' and, just as bad, to feel they can claim to be backed up by 'religion'. Neither of these had been mainstream before now but now we hear such things daily. What is just as alarming is that Trump has tapped into a significant source of voters who are now emboldened to vocalise their 'right to discriminate', so significant that it's even within the bounds of possibility that there are enough of them to keep Trump in office even for a second term - and btw, why is Mueller taking so darned long? - and why has there been no prominent Democrat figure to emerge around whom votes in opposition to Trump can coalesce? Time is getting on! Troubled times, and when it's all over and he's gone (Pence too) it's going to take many years to get back even to a semblance of the Republican party which it was prior to his catastrophic nomination.

Ron said...

This racist, homophobic, sexist element of the American population has always existed, Trump has just lifted the rock to expose them and give them power. I too ask where is the Democrat alternative other than just to vote against Trump, which actually should be enough. I fear for our country. Trump will eventually be gone from power but how long will it take to repair the damage, some of which will be permanent?

Linda said...

Trump has legitimized the underbelly and allowed it to rise to the forefront. It makes me ill, literally. I posted my rant last week. One woman assured me I was wrong. His wrong use of religion to prove his point disgusts me.

Harry Hamid said...

I've been pretty amazed by how many people who don't normally post politics have spoken up on this particular issue.

It's unbelievable that we're putting up with this.

I made the mistake of watching your clip of Maddow on youtube and went down to look at the comments.

If there's any question about how he gets away with it, you can go down and read the terrible, vile, inhumane comments there.

Ron said...

My feelings exactly!

Ron said...

There is and always has been an awful element in this country. Trump has brought them out in the open with his hateful rhetoric and divisive actions only to keep himself in power and feed his insatiable ego. I never in my lifetime thought we would have such a hateful, ignorant and evil leader of our country. This has to end. If only the Congressional Republicans would stop cowering under their desks, afraid of a Trump tweet, and do their Constitutional duty and provide a check on Trump and his excesses.

Geo. said...

Dear Ron, my father risked his life and ruined his health fighting Nazis. I tried to read the youtube comments at the site but had to stop --yes, pretty far down the pages-- because there was finally only the growling of something subhuman. Rachel Maddow reflected my feelings perfectly.

Ron said...

We are at a bad time in our country at this time. What really concerns me is that Trump has enablers in the Republican controlled Congress. They are not fulfilling their Constitutional duties. They are not patriots. They are cowards hiding under their desks afraid of a Trump tweet. Sad and disgraceful.

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