Saturday, December 09, 2017

Christmas Thoughts

Snowy scene early this morning from our back deck

Good morning folks! 

I woke up this morning to snow.  What do you know? A white Christmas!

Ah, I remember a time many years ago that I reverently wished for a white Christmas. Yes, had succumbed to that old Bing Crosby song wishing us all a white Christmas.  Oh sure,  there were a few white Christmases. There was even one that we got twenty-four inches of snow.  That was a bit much I have to say.  But most Christmases were monochrome, gray Christmases with the only color the blinking Christmas tree lights.

And then there was three years ago when I fell on the snow and ice as I was leaving work and tore my quadricep muscle in my left leg, my fondness for snow and ice permanently left me.  

The snowy scene outside this morning is pretty but I'm staying in today, finally addressing my Christmas cards.

Yesterday was another busy day. I had to go down to a local bank where our homeowners' association bylaws are in a safe deposit box.  They needed my signature to sign in to the box.  I thought this would be in "in and out" but oh how I was mistaken. Two hours later we (my neighbor Marty and I) finally got out of there.  The morning was shot.  Next week I have to visit our HOA lawyer's office for my signature activity.  

Yesterday I attended a farewell luncheon for one of my co-workers at the hotel.  While nice that activity also ate up my day because I just stayed at the hotel and worked my shift.  

Farewell luncheon at the hotel 

I have to be honest with you folks, I'm always glad when Christmas is over.  The one Christmas tradition I like is addressing and mailing Christmas cards.  This is the way I keep in touch with friends, relatives and former co-workers who I haven't seen in years and new friends that I've made through my blogging. But the rest of the Christmas traditions?  I can do without those traditions that many others engage in.  That activity is fine for them and I'm happy for them. But for me, I look forward to the quiet and stress free days of cold January and February.  Putting another Christmas season behind me.


Harry Hamid said...

We had a light snow here on Thursday night (first one in many years!) and it was nice but I was reminded just how difficult heavy snows were when I used to live up north. We moved my grandmother down here to Houston because the risk of falls when one is checking the mail or something is just too great.

Smow looks beautiful in paintings, though!

Raybeard said...

It's got to be well over 50 years since I last experienced a true 'White Christmas' - though it's funny that in my memory ALL my childhood Xmas's were so, which just cannot have been the case. Like you I always feel a great sense of relief when it's behind us, though they've all been spent alone since 1975, which I actually don't mind.

Now go carefully on those slippery surfaces, Ron. Another accident for you at our advanced ages would be dire - but you know that yourself only too well.

Jon said...

Snow! I love all the pictures on this post - and your yard looks fantastic all in white. The best way to enjoy snow, however, is just to look at it through the windows and not go out. As we both know (from bitter experience) the ice can be EXTREMELY dangerous.
I share your opinion, Ron - the holiday season is nice, but I don't like all the social crap that goes with it. It's far too exhausting and draining. I like to stay home and avoid all the chaos.

Ron said...

The snow is still on the ground here. Thankfully it's only a few inches. You are so right, the snow and ice is EXTREMELY dangerous and you can be sure that I will be extremely careful when going to work today. I don't want a repeat of my accident of a few years ago when I slipped and fell on the ice and tore my right quadricep muscle in my left leg. You and I are so alike in our Christmas observations. I love the Christmas cards and the lights but I hate getting caught up in all the commercial nonsense and I refuse to do it. I too stay at home and avoid the Christmas chaos.

Ron said...

We certainly have a white Christmas here. You can be sure I'll be VERY careful when walking on the snow and ice. I am very afraid of falling again and causing serious damage. And to think when I was younger I never gave this a thought.

Ron said...

I'm all for experiencing snow in videos and photos. Not so much actually walking and driving in it. Snow is on the ground here now. I go to work today and you can be sure I'll be VERY careful.

Ur-spo said...

I so miss snow especially at christmas
You are a marvel for sending out christmas cards in this day and age.

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