Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Susan at the hotel October 2013

Another Christmas has come and gone. Is it me or does Christmas seem to roll around faster each year?  I think it's me. Time is running out on me folks.  But I'm telling you, I'm having one helluva good time during my last act.

Take for instance last night while I was working at the hotel. My new friends Mike and Bob stopped by for a visit. Hardly had they left than I looked up from my desk when I heard a lady say "Ron?" I looked up to see the smiling face of Susan Mc. Susan is a local long time faithful blog follower of this blog. She has never left a comment on my blog but she assures me she always reads my blog. 

Well, this was a pleasant surprise to see Susan again. The last time I saw her was few years when we during the Bloggerpalooza.  Susan just happened to be at the same local restaurant (The Backyard) in Milton where I was having lunch with Dr. Spo and his entourage of blogger friends. She noticed us at our table and approached as asked if that was Spo.  Sure was. Here are the photos of that unexpected surprise meeting.

"Are you Spo?" (March 2014)

"That would be me"

"What a small world!"

Dr. Spo and Susan post for the official picture at the Backyard Restaurant

Susan appeared with homemade cookies! Super!  She said she read my post where I said the one Christmas present I wished I would get was homemade Christmas cookies.  What a wonderful surprise!  

Me and Susan last night when she surprised me with a gift of homemade Christmas cookies

Thank you Susan.  You made my Christmas!

Folks, I am so glad I blog. Just look at the friends I have made. Dr. Spo, Pat, Susan,Randy, Nadege, and Tony, and so many more that I haven't met in person like Ray, Jon, and Mike Wilson . Blogging has changed my life, for the better. Way better.

Susan on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk May 2014
Blogging is fun!  Friends are fun! Life is good!


Jane Karwat said...

Ron, What a greta post!

pat888 said...

Great blog Ron. And I remember being there at the Backyard restaurant that day. Super nice of Susan to supply you with the goodies and for Mike and Bob to drop in on you. These might be small moments in life but they are uplifting and memorable I'm sure a lot more of us would have loved to drop by if we lived closer. Wonderful Christmas story.


Ron said...

Thank you Jane. I've made some wonderful friends through blogging. And for that I am so grateful. A lot of good people out there in the big world!

Ron said...

I wish you were here too to visit, often!

Elle Clancy said...

This is lovely; what a good soul Susan is.

Hope you are having a lovely holiday! Happy New Year's from Ohio!

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