Monday, December 11, 2017

People Watching

Who doesn't love to people watch?  

During our (me and Pat) recent holiday in Philadelphia I took many photos and videos as is my wont. I am fascinated by human nature. 

Of course it isn't always easy to capture the "moment" of people just being themselves. When that moment is captured it is often just a matter of being in the right place and the right time. 

That's what happened during one of our bus rides down Chestnut Street in center city Philly. I was taking a short video out of the bus windows of the mass of humanity that is the daily activity of big city life. 

Now I have a question.  Look at this video, knowing that we're in the current climate of sensitivity of sexual harassment. Would you consider the guy giving the eye to the young woman walking down the street a form of sexual harassment?  I don't because he didn't bother her but was only expressing his appreciation of her attractiveness. And, I have to be careful here, she was dressed to be attractive, was she not?  Now before I fall into that trap of today's extreme political correctness, I try to dress so I look my best. And I have to tell you folks, if someone noticed me on the street like this guy noticed this young lady, I would take it as a compliment. 

Just saying, what do you think?


Jon said...

I wonder what those guys in the blue vests were doing?
Ironically, the very first thing I noticed was that the guy was paying attention to the passing women and not the men (obviously he wasn't gay).

Sexual harassment certainly does exist, but lately it has gone WAY too far (female "victims" suddenly coming out of the woodwork after 40 or 50 years). Looking at someone whom you find attractive is human nature - as long as the "gawking" isn't annoyingly excessive.
I agree with your take on the subject.

Raybeard said...

Just a tiny but fascinating peep into other people living out their lives.

JB said...

Love that I just stumbled onto your blog!!!! It is wonderful!

JB said...

I love that I happened upon your blog! I am from Delaware and plan to spend time, maybe retire there again. So much good humor and honesty on your blog! Carry on!

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - it's interesting watching people watching others. I'm certain I've been caught at it. I don't mind complimenting people of either/any sex (political correctness there). Because when I do so I believe I'm being legitimate - no alternative motives - and I think it leaves the person feeling good. I remember we had a brief moment with a salesman in a Philly store or perhaps when meeting with your friend Tom that I just mentioned that the glasses he wore were cool. And the response was "thanks". It's all good like that. I think some are too nervous to say something complimentary to another. And actually I think it makes both people feel good. Another thing we do up here in Canada and probably in the States as well is "pay forward". It's happened to me and I've reciprocated. While driving thru a Tim Horton's Donuts you pay for the order of the person behind you. And they get this pleasant surprise of something nice being done for them. And absolutely no other motivation other than being nice as you don't even know who is in the car behind you.


Ron said...

They were raising money for something. Walking down Chestnut Street in center city Philadelphia is like walking a gauntlet.
I fear the pendulum on this sexual harassment has gone too far. While I believe that women (and men) shouldn't be subjected to unwanted attention or sexual pressure I have a feeling that we're entering into unknown territory.

Ron said...

I love people watching!

Ron said...

Thanks JB. Welcome!

Ron said...

Glad you like my blog JB. I've been here since 2005. I'll keep blogging until I die, which I hope isn't for a long time!

Ron said...

I like the "pay it forward" movement but I'm not sure now in today's climate. Some people may take it the wrong way.

Paul Forster said...

Disturbing times in your country, Ron! Us folk from Kiwi-land follow Trump fake news in disbelief at the way he consistently alienates people and his offensive rhetoric! He is seen as a joke but a very dangerous one.

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