Thursday, December 21, 2017

Couldn't Sleep

This morning I awoke up at 4:32 am this morning. Couldn't get back to sleep.  Why? I couldn't sleep after that atrocity yesterday that the Congressional Republicans passed that tax scam bill that pays back their corporate donors, lies about tax cuts for middle America and guts the Affordable Care Act by repealing the individual mandate. What do the Republicans do for our country other than reward the very rich and make life more difficult for the rest of us? they are bought and paid for which they proved yesterday with that obscene White House gathering yesterday praising Dear Leader. 

Of course our fake president (Trump - whose picture I will NEVER offend my readers by posting again on this blog) had an event at the White House yesterday to gloat.

What really sickened me was the sycophants who publicly performed fellatio on Trump during Trumps cabinet meeting yesterday.  I literally gagged when I watched Vice President Mike Pence disgrace himself by seeing how far he could get his tongue up Trump's fat golf cart riding ass.   Does he (Pence) has no self respect? Apparently not. Nor do the other cabinet members. At least they didn't prostate themselves like that last Trump cabinet meeting where Trump had them go around the table giving each one the opportunity to effusively praise him which they did. 

Check out Pence's High Five hand clapping that all the congressional Republicans gleefully obliged Trump yesterday during that gathering yesterday on the White House steps after Trump summoned them to praise him. The last time I saw that kind of sycophant hand clapping was at a Kim Jong-un public event. Those North Korean generals know if they don't High Five Clap and smile ear to ear they won't be at the next Kim Jon-un event. 

Hey folks, do you see what's happening here? Trump is development a cult of personality. We are entering dangerous territory.  For the first time in my life I fear for our country. And that is because of those Republican enablers who praise Trump effusively even though they know he is the most incompetent and offensive president that this country has ever had.

"Exquisite?" Really Paul Ryan?  We all know that you're celebrating your orgasmic victory of "tax reform" after years of working for it. Now you can finally get rid of that hard on you've been carrying for twenty plus year.  Oh wait, you've already said next year you're going to go after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 

You see why I can't sleep folks?  What is happening to our country?

 By the way, isn't Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan the goofiest fuck you've ever seen in your life?


Raybeard said...

Yesterday must go down as one of the most shameful of ALL days in American history - and if it doesn't it jolly well should do! This in spite of so many other strong contenders. And this is the self-styled 'Great Unifier'? Talk about dividing the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'! They are so far apart they're over the horizon from each other!

Elle Clancy said...

It is truly horrifying. I am in the process of getting divorced and am full aware that I am going to be hard hit next year w/all these changes, from taxes to health care. I have always enjoyed watching the news and never miss it, but at this point, after yesterday, I'm not sure I can stomach hearing any more stories. And what is going on at the UN, with Haley saying "we're taking names"? Who talks like that in a setting such as the UN? Jesus Mary.

Geo. said...

Ron, you've nailed it. Only reason this nation made it through W. Bush and --so far-- a year of Trump is because of what other administrations did right. But how long can those wards hold? Norma told me today that she wants us to get passports.

WARPed said...

C'mon Ron...tell us what you *really*!

Oh, and remember what happened when Bush tried to privatize Social Security.



Ron said...

Oh I remember when Bush tried to privatize Social Security. I knew that would bomb. He didn't which just goes to prove what a bubble some of the politicians in Washington live in. Paul Ryan thinks he is going to privatize Medicare and reduce Social Security. That's his lifelong dream. That's what he wakes up every morning with a hard on to do. He's not as smart as he thinks he is. The Republicans are going to lose the House in the 2018 elections for a generation or more by just what they did with this massive tax giveaway to the corporations and very rich. They will pay a price. No wonder Nancy Pelosi is so happy. The Republicans just gave the Democrats the biggest gift they could ever have dreamed for.

Ron said...

This tax giveaway to the Republicans' corporate donors and the rich will go down in history as one of the most massive frauds every perpetuated on the American people. We almost had an economic meltdown because of what the Bush administration did with two tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I fear we're headed back to yet another economic meltdown and a fight to save our Social Security and Medicare. Trump and his enabler Republicans are nothing but thieves in the night stealing from the average American only to benefit themselves and their rich benefactors. And now the Republicans in Congress are trying to thwart the investigation into Trump's collusion with the Russians to win the election. Nothing less but our democracy and way of life is at stake in the country now and so many people don't see what is happening. I worry every day for the fate of our country.

Ron said...

Yes, I heard that speech that Nikki Haley said at the UN yesterday. That sounded more like a mob threat. That speech was pure Trump. I am so disappointed in Nikki Haley that she permitted herself to be used that way. Proving again that anyone who works for Trump is eventually sullied by his demands and loses their reputation. I wonder what kind of threats she received from the Trump administration to read such a speech? I was so embarrassed when I heard those words. Our country is not supposed to talk like that. Where does it get us to make such cheap threats? Every day, a new low with Trump. Just terrible.

Ron said...

All I can say is that I am mortified. I can't even stand to see Trump on TV. I mute the sound whenever he opens his evil pie hole. I am so ashamed for our country that this ignorant monster now represents us. And I am so angry at those who voted for him and those in Congress who enable him. Don't they know what they're doing? I fear for my country. This is terrible. I never thought I would see or experience something like this in my life.

Mike said...

I refuse to normalize this President. I havent owned a TV since 1990 and stopped listening to NPR on November 8, 2016. The corporate media is part of the problem. As bad as it gets for us, they still benefit. I consume a lot of news on the internet, just not traditional media.

One good thing to come out of this mess. I appreciate more the good people I know and am truly thankful for what I have.

Ron said...

You're right about the corporate media. Trump can't be normalized. He's a con man. We now have a criminal enterprise in the White House. What's even worse is that he has so many enablers in Congress who are all too willing to look the other way and normalize his behavior as long as they can loot this country by giving tax cuts to their corporate masters and rich friends. We are in a dark period of our history as a democracy and good country. I've always been proud of American exceptionalism. Not now though, I'm embarrassed every day that this fraud occupies the White House.

Mike said...

Embarrassed sad ashamed worried disgusted alarmed. I was up at 4am again this morning. Since 2016 I can count the number of times I've slept through the night on two hands. I toss and turn so much Bob has started calling me squirmy. Aging bladders don't help the matter (grin). It's always a relief when morning comes.

Ron said...

"Embarrassed, sad, ashamed, worried, disgusted and alarmed", that is exactly how I feel about the Trump presidency. What really alarms and saddens me if the Republicans who enable him just to get their money and power which after all is what the so called "tax reform" is all about. Looting the country for their corporate masters and rich friends. What is happening to this country on so many fronts is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Every day, remind someone to vote in 2018. Dump Trump is on way for Nov.2018. The CHIP health care program for children is unresolved. Republican greed is in this tax cut for the rich.

Ron said...

There is a tsunami coming 2018 for the Republicans in power now. I think they're just beginning to realize what is about to happen as a result of their greed for passing this heartless "tax reform" bill.

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