Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Moore Loses Alabama Senate Race

Last night I went to bed early because I couldn't stand to watch the returns of the Alabama senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. I feared that Roy Moore would win.

Roy Moore, the accused child molester who has a history of trolling for teenaged girls when he was a district attorney in his thirties.

Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice who was removed twice for refusing to obey the law recognizing same sex marriages.

Roy Moore, who identifies as an evangelical Christian and views homosexuality as a lifestyle that is "against nature," said in a 2005 interview on C-SPAN2 that he believes "homosexual conduct should be illegal." 

Roy Moore, who said this about slavery in response to a question from one of the only African Americans in an audience who asked when Moore thought America was last "great": - Moore acknowledged the nation's history of racial divisions, but said: "I think it was great at the time when families were united - even though we had slavery - they cared for one another . . . . our families were wrong, our country had a direction."

These and many other beliefs and actions of Roy Moore made him massively unqualified to represent the fine citizens of Alabama in the Senate of the United States of America.  

Shame on all those who voted for Roy Moore especially those self possessed evangelical Christians who chose to ignore the credible child molestation accusations against this repulsive man. How could they? 

As I said at the beginning of this post, I went to bed early last night fearing the worst. That I would wake up and find that the homophobic, racist, child molester was elected to the Senate. 

I woke up at 3:48 AM for a bathroom break. Dare I touch my iPhone to see what the news was?  I didn't because I feared I would get back to sleep.

I went back to bed and slept fitfully for another two hours, waking up at 6:45 AM.  Now was the time to touch my iPhone and see the news. I feared the worst.

Wow! The relief I felt was immense.

By the way, Roy Moore doesn't know how to ride a horse. The way he rode his horse to the polls yesterday showed how phony he is.  And 32 year old men don't date teenaged girls. 

Fake Christian


Harry Hamid said...

I'm relieved. Moore was a special kind of awful.

Practical Parsimony said...

I live in AL, and am so relieved. I saw the results last night and slept well. I am from TN even though I have lived here for 40 years. Not all Alabamians agree with Moore, obviously. So, what was wrong with the way he rode the horse? Did you hear what he said, something to the effect of "if you get in the way, I will run over you" with the horse. That was weird to threaten people, coming from such a good Christian.

Ron said...

He was very unsteady on his horse. He kept pulling the bridle, hurting the horse. He operated that horse the way he operates in life, forceful and hurtful. His wife Kayla rode her horse much better. Moore is a cretin and a creep and a fake Christian. He doesn't follow authentic Christian principals. He uses Christianity for his own personal ends. He lied about all those women who accused him of sexual impropriety and he knows he lied and those evangelicals who supported him also know he lied. Shame on him and them. I'm so glad he lost and they lost. They're all losers.

Ron said...

I am too Harry! I was afraid to watch the returns last night because I knew if Moore won I wouldn't be able to sleep. Thank goodness this monster lost.

Ron said...

Correction, "Practical Parsimony" I meant to address this reply.

Practical Parsimony said...

I know nothing about horses, so I thought he was trying to tame an unruly horse...yeah, about like how he forces himself on little girls. I know he lied. But, like me I should accuse who touch me 60 years ago, they would say I lied, too. I despise men like him. It is great this won't be dealt with in DC in order to get him out of there.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
I didn't show you the video of his wife Kayla riding her horse, much smoother. Roy Moore rides his horse the way he goes through life, offensive and hurtful. What I really despise about people like Roy Moore is how he uses his religion as justification for his reprehensible behavior. What an awful human being. People like him is the reason I stopped going to my Baptist church. They are so hateful.

Bea said...

It's a small victory, but a good one. I'm hopeful that Randy Bryce aka Iron 'Stache will unseat Paul Ryan come 2018!

Raybeard said...

It's his poor horse that's the only one I feel sorry for - though it's nothing to do with the splendid result.

Ron said...

You're right, I feel sorry for "Sassy", his poor horse. I read a Tweet that said he rides a horse like a frightened toddler.

Ron said...

Oh I would LOVE to see Paul "Mr. Privatize Medicare" Ryan defeated at the next election.

Practical Parsimony said...

Ron, email me because I want to share something privately. I am not going to join whatever I have to join to email you through your site. Thanks.

Ron said...

I don't have your e-mail address. You can e-mail me at my e-mail address which is at the top of my blog.

Practical Parsimony said...

The email that starts at the blue page with the envelope? No, not going there to join or add anything. My email is Remember, there is a p in front of parsimony.

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