Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day Trip to Philadelphia

Joe-Lin Charter Bus out of Sussex Tech

Yesterday I had a wonderful day trip to my old hometown of Philadelphia.  

The weather was perfect and the price was right.

I took the Sussex County Tech bus ("Old Retired People's Bus Trips) to Philadelphia.  Cost was $39 round trip!

Independence Mall where the bus left us for our "Day in Philly"

I've taken these bus trips before with the big Jor-Lin buses.  I stopped taking them about two years ago because they "cheaped out" and started using "short buses" which basically, was a big pickup truck with a top on it.  I felt like a packed sardine taking the 2 1/2 hour ride to Philly.  

However, I decided to take my chances this time when I saw a "Day in Philadelphia" bus trip was going to take place in October.  I signed up.

Thus I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Sussex Tech campus in Georgetown to see that huge, COMFORTABLE, Jor-Lin bus waiting for us very early on yesterday's chilly morning for a 7:00 AM departure.  

Our tour director giving us instructions were to meet up and catch the bus back to Delaware at 4:30 PM - I almost missed the bus!!! More about that tomorrow.

Look at this, I'm going on too long already on this blog posting and I haven't even gotten to Philly.  I'll have to make this post a two-parter because everyone knows most people don't read a long blog posting.

I wanted to visit Philly for several reasons.  The first being that Philly for many years was where I lived and worked.  I love going back and revisit those places of my long gone youth.  Oh the wonderful times (and sad) I had in that city of Brotherly Love.

The view from my friend Don McK's (the top of his head is at the bottom right of this photo) rooftop garden at the co-op where he lives in Center City Philly

I also wanted to visit my longtime friend Don McK. I've lost touch with him over the years because he doesn't have an updated computer.  He hasn't updated because he's confused with all the options.  My goal yesterday was to clear the confusion and get him that computer and FIOS (cable) service.

My friend Don with "Ed" at the Verizon store in Philly - signing up for FIOS service

My friend Don at the Apple Store in Center City Philly, signing on to his new iMac Apple computer

Mission Accomplished!  

I also visited Don for the first time at his co-op apartment in Center City.  I didn't realize that he lived that close to where Bill and I lived in Center City Philly.  Oh how I miss my former hometown. In fact, seeing how comfy Don was in his apartment I had a fleeting thought of moving back!  

Can't do it though folks.  I'm committed to living in the wide open spaces but I tell you what.  I've made a decision to visit Philly more often and my friend Don.  He needs tutoring on his new iMac.

More tomorrow!

Me and my friend Don at the "More Than Just Ice Cream" restaurant in Center City Philly where we always have lunch when I visit him annually


  1. Ron - you were transported to Philly like a rock star. Love the pic from Don's rooftop. Lucky him. Great city, location, and living quarters. Yes!!

    Can't wait to go back too!


    1. Pat,
      I love Philly! Greatly looking forward to us visiting Philly this Spring.

  2. What a splendid time you are having; it is good to see you jolly.


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