Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Republicans Plan to Derail Hillary Clinton Backfires

Hillary Clinton, First Woman President of the United States (in waiting)

This is a political post so I will understand if you're one of my blog followers who prefer not to read one of my infrequent political rants. 

As regular followers of my blog know, in my past life I used to be a conservative Republican but George W. Bush cured me of that malady.  Especially since the many conservative Republicans believe that I am a second class citizen just because I happen to be born gay.  Not all conservative Republicans (some of whom happen to be good friends of mine) but too many.

Now for my rant.  Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton (I will vote for her, get over it), who didn't know that this whole "Benghazi/e-mail" faux scandal was all bout bringing down Hillary Clinton.  The Republicans, with their clown car of candidates, knew that Hillary was a formidable candidate so what could they do to bring her down?  

When the horrible tragedy of Benghazi happened, in which our ambassador to Libya (Chris Stevens) and three others were murdered by Islamist extremists, the Republicans hopped on this tragedy to investigate Hillary.  

What did she do?

What didn't she do?

How can we blame this on Hillary?

During their investigation (the longest in U.S. history at a cost of four millions dollars so far and counting) what have they "discovered"?  

Hillary's private server and e-mails!!!


Hillary the Deceiver.  

What is she hiding?

Of course the media jumps on this "scandal" too, to bring up ratings. Plus, many of the news media are intellectually lazy.  They'll follow whatever Republican talking points are fed to them, accurate or not. A good example is the MSNBC daily morning show "Morning Joe."  Every morning the co-host Joe Scarborough opens this show drum beating the tired old Republican talking points over and over, ad infinitum, all aimed at bringing Hillary Clinton down.  Why?  Because he knows that Hillary is the odds on candidate to win the U.S. presidency.  

Joe Scarborough and his conservative Republican cohorts know that this basic fact, if you say a lie often enough, enough voters will believe The Lie. Throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick.  Sort of like the question:

"How often do you beat your wife?"  

Of course the person being asked the question doesn't beat his wife but the very fact that the question was asked plants the suspicion in some minds (almost always those paranoid Repubs who WANT to believe anything bad) will stick.

Well, the curtain of the campaign by the House Republicans was pulled aside last week by House Speaker in Waiting, Kevin McCarthy.  

McCarthy was on the Sean Hannitty show on Faux Fox News.  McCarthy, who ironically doesn't speak well (see some of his speeches, he's worse than George W. Bush in mangling the English language), was flustered when Sean asked him what have the Republicans accomplished since they were put in control of both houses of Congress.  Here is McCarthy's response.

There it is folks, an open admission by the language challenged McCarthy about the real purpose of the Benghazi committee, to BRING DOWN HILLARY CLINTON'S POLL NUMBERS.

Kevin McCarthy just made a gaff.  You know what a Washington D.C. gaff is don't you folks?  
According to political commenter Michael Kinsley a "gaffe" is when a politician inadvertently admits the truth.  

So for all of you folks out there who are Clinton Haters, you can thank Kevin McCarthy for his stupidity in admitting what everyone knew all along, the whole Benghazi Fishing Expedition was nothing more than a ploy to ruin Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming the first woman president of the United States. 

English language challenged Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker in Waiting

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  1. Alas, no one will care; thems who want the GOP will continue.
    And the GOP will continue to wear her out be attrition.


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