Sunday, June 01, 2014


Bill Kelly May 1974

More old photos folks!  This continues my series of photos that I recently found after not looking at them for forty years.  Someone (literally "Someone" of Dr. Spo's world) mentioned that I've rarely posted early photos of my other half, my spouse, my husband, my partner of the last fifty years (this July), Bill Kelly.  Well folks, here it is.  This is my handsome Bill, photo taken September 1974 at our center city Philadelphia townhouse.  Bill had discovered a baby bird and he thought I was taking a picture of the bird.

Bill doesn't like his picture taken.  Yep, Bill is on of THOSE people which has always been a source of great frustration to me.  I had always imagined myself with a Prince Charming life partner that I could photograph endlessly.  Not so with Bill, most of the pictures I have of Bill he has his arm in front of his face.  The latest such episode was last night while we were sitting on the back deck.  I thought he looked cute with the setting sun behind him.  Bill realized that I was going to take a picture of him with my iPhone and immediately said "Oh no, you're not taking a picture of me!" and proceeded to place his arm in front of his face.  

But as you can see Bill was (and still is) quite the handsome dude.  Ironically, Bill's look was never my type.  I was never attracted to the conventionally handsome man or the "All American type" as Bill calls them.  I've always found the guys with the slightly offbeat or unconventional look more sexually attractive.  Don't look for me to go into orgasmic paroxysms over the likes of a Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.  They leave me flat; zero sex appeal. But Bill has more going for him than his looks, he has always treated me like a prince.  Always, except when he gets mad at me for some insignificant domestic misdemeanor but that's a subject for another blog post.  Maybe not but the majority of the time Bill has always treated me better than anyone.  Bill puts up with me, who else is going to do that?  

So here he is folks, the man I've been sharing a life with for the past half century.  And we have a few more years to go.

Me (center as if you didn't know already) with my brother Isaac (on my right) and Bill (on my left) - 2012


anne marie in philly said...

50 years is a looooong time. I doubt anyone else would put up with me, save for the cats.

Anonymous said...

I get all teary when I think of you two being together for so long! That's so awesome!

Peace <3

Jon said...

I always enjoy seeing the photos that you post - keep them coming. I regret not having taken more photos when I was young. I don't remember taking one photo when I lived in Hollywood, can you imagine that? During those wild & reckless times I never thought about documenting things for future reference. What a shame.

I agree with you in that I am usually attracted to guys who are more physically unconventional or off-beat. Dudes like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt are a complete turn-off, I don't think they're goodlooking at all.

Ur-spo said...

Sometimes I lose patient with 'those people who don't want their photo taken'. These photos are vital for memory sake and history. I tend to be respectful but on occasion I tell these types you are getting it taken regardless so smile or don't you choose. Kind of like a 'no thank you' helping of squash at thanksgiving

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I too loose patience with that type of person who always shuns having a picture taken of them because they're not happy with their appearance. My sister-in-law (who I am presently on the outs with because of a picture I posted on Facebook, she took offense and I'm tired of tiptoeing around her feelings) has always been one of those people. Which is a shame because she is and always has been quite attractive but as you alluded to, it says more about the person and their selfishness in thinking only of themselves. The worst is a former neighbor (gay at that) who, often when I took his picture when we were out dining would give me the middle finger. Even The Cajun has told me "No more pictures!" These days I just stay away from those folks. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of a lot of nonsense that I'm not just going to put up with anymore. Bill didn't used to mind me taking pictures but these years as he has gotten older, he's not happy with the way he looks. Everyone thinks he looks fine except for you know what (the hairpiece) but who cares? A long answer here, eh?

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Bill is a saint for putting up with me. He's the only one who could. That's why I'll never leave him.

Ron said...

I remember the time Bill introduced me to friends of his after we had been together three months. Bill was bragging to them "We've been together three months!" I thought then and there "This relationship is going to last longer than three months." However, I never guessed it would last 50 years.

Ron said...

I regret not having taking photos of significant periods of my life like the time I moved to Pittsburgh after I got out of the Army. I didn't have any money and just didn't think of taking photos. Oh how I wish I did now. There were also several periods of years that I just didn't take photos. Didn't feel like it. Then I got on a spurt of photo taking. I wish I was more even in taking photos.
I agree with you that guys like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are complete turn-offs. I can see where they're attractive to some people but to me they hold zero sexual appeal. Like you I like the off beat guys. Not all of them but if their personality is appealing and then the looks match, then I'm a goner. My current friend Pat from Toronto fits the bill exactly. No one has ever turned me on in my lifetime as much as he does plus we have so much in common and he is truly a nice guy. I never thought anyone like him existed in real life. I joke with him now what would it be like if I had met him 40 years ago. In fact I said that to him last night on FaceTime. He said "Ron, I was so far in the closet you would never have found me!" So I guess there is a time and place for everything.