Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pat Has Arrived!

The "Bus Station" in Dover Delaware - darn, I was looking for a building

Bill and I drove to Dover this morning to pick up Pat.  He was to arrive on the bus from Dover, after a sixteen hour trip from Toronto.  

Of course we couldn't find the Greyhound bus station in Dover because THERE ISN'T ONE!  What a joke that was.  We finally (Bill and I) figured it out though.  

Pat got of the bus and literally fell on the ground. I have the video to post which I will do later.  I don't have enough time now because I have to upload it to You Tube then go through all that rigmarole right now.  

Pat "fresh" off the bus after a 17 hour trip - just a bit disheveled

We brought Pat back to Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Pat freshened up at bit then we had a light lunch at the Backyard Cafe in Milton.

Double Trouble

Then back to the house ("hoose") for a nap.  After the nap (both of us - separate bedrooms of course), and a chat with Bill, Pat and I took of to La Quetzalteca for our favorite Mexican veggie dinner.

Hot salsa

We topped the night off at Starbucks in Rehoboth. After finishing our coffees we strode Rehoboth Avenue.  I took a lot of photos and videos which, again, I will post later.  Not enough hours in the day folks.  

Pat on the Rehoboth boardwalk a few minutes ago  - a LONG day!

Have to take a shower now and get some sleep and have another big day tomorrow.  I'm working on fumes now.


  1. A seventeen-hour trip on a bus is a grueling experience. Hopefully Pat has rested up and is ready for a massive sight-seeing excursion. You've mentioned several previous times that you and Pat look alike. I didn't think so, until I saw the photo called "Double Trouble". You do indeed look like brothers! The last photo of Pat on the boardwalk is cute.

    1. Jon,
      I'm not sure if I could do a 17 hour bus trip, especially with fidgety kids on the bus. I didn't think Pat and I looked alike either (he has white hair and I have some slight gray) but our facial structure is very similar. Prominent noses, small chin, angular face. Where Pat and I are really alike is our personalities, we're almost identical twins. I always wanted to meet someone like me and I have. It is eerie but very satisfying. I know how he thinks and he knows how I think. I'm taking a lot of pictures and videos which I probably won't have much time to post until he leaves this Sunday. I'll have a wealth of good stuff though. This August I'm making the trip to his home in Canada and then Pat will return with me (on the bus!) to visit here for another week. This is the first summer I'm really enjoying since I've moved here in 2006.

      If you don't see comments from me on your bog that's because I'm going to fall behind in my blog reading this week. I'll catch up next week.

      Have a great day Jon!


  2. I reckon that what you took to be Pat's 'fall' from the bus was actually a low 'salaam' of greeting to your worshipful selves. But the video will show.

    1. Ray,
      Oh yes, that's what it was. I'm going to post the video today. It's going to be a challenge to squeeze the videos and photos in and go about our activity while Pat is down here. Having fun though! This is what life is all about, friends and enjoying the wonderful resort where I live.

  3. yikes! This is my first time seeing Pat without spectacles! I didn't recognize the fellow.


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