Monday, June 16, 2014

Waiting for Godot er Pat

Pat on his Bus Trip Adventure (no sleep all night)

This time Pat (my friend from Toronto) decided to save on the wear and tear of his Fiat and took the bus from his home to Delaware.  I just got off of FaceTime with him.  He just landed in Philly (Philadelphia, PA) and that poor puppy is TIRED.

Pat caught the bus (Greyhound) from Toronto last night at 7 pm.  Almost as soon as he was seated a Muslim woman with two little darlings children sat next too him.  I was talking to him on FaceTime when I heard her asking "Is this seat taken?"  Pat, being the gentleman that he is, said "No."  Then she piled in with her two little miracles kids.  Right away I heard the little yelps of ear drum piercing screams that only a little girl could do.  I.CAN'T.STAND.THAT.SOUND.  It literally drives me crazy.  That's one reason I moved from our home in Pennsylvania.  We had a neighbor who had a little girl (Stephanie) who, as soon as she burst out her house in the morning, let the world know that she was THERE with a piercing scream, which she then continued ALL DAY LONG.  What is it with little girls and the screams?  I couldn't scream if I wanted to.  Is it because I have balls?

So anyway, Pat settled in for a long night's ride.  

First stop: Buffalo, NY. 

Hassel at U.S. Customs - keep out those terrorists!

Second stop: Syracuse, NY.

Third Stop New York City: ("New York! New York!"

Fourth stop Philadelphia, PA: (where he is just now).

Fifth stop: Wilmington, DE

Last stop: (at 12:40) Dover, DE (where Bill and I will pick him up.

Total time of trip?  Oh about 17 hours. 



And this is the trip I'm going to make to Canada in August?  Perhaps I will rethink my mode of transportation.  The airline is looking better all the time even though I would have to through all that Security Theater nonsense of removing my shoes and confiscation of nail clippers and toothpaste.  And of course there is the expense of getting to the airport and the plane trip itself, about seven times the cost of a bus trip.  

Got to go now, Pat just left Philly and is on his way to Wilmington.

Pat on the bus from Philly to Wilmington


WARPed said...

Hi Ron,

I'm guessing you didn't attend any early Beatles concerts...

So many screaming girls they drowned out the music!



Amanda said...

On a plane or a bus, life is an adventure and I am sure you will make the best of your trip up Canada.

slugmama said...

I hope y'all have a good visit. Do you have anything planned or just playing it by ear?

Raybeard said...

Poor Pat! No sleep (I'll not ask why) - and assailed by headache-inducing screams practically in his ear. I'm with you entirely - I would have lost it completely!

nitewrit said...


I hope he enjoys the leisurely ride into Wilmington with all the diverted 495 traffic. I just spent a good portion of the afternoon creeping through Wilmington.


Karen said...

We took the train from Philadelphia to Charlotte nc. Same cost as the airplane. Is there a train to Toronto?

anne marie in philly said...

oh sweet mother of pearl, that's just too damn much hassle! security theater might be a PITA, but it's quicker than sitting next to screaming bratleys!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I've ridden buses for hours and hours and hours. It was not always pleasant. It was always an adventure. I admire Pat for being so BRAVE!!! ;-)

Have a great time on vacation, Pat!!!! (And Ron, of course.)

Peace <3

Ron said...

No, I've never attended any concerts. I literally can't stand the screams of girls, especially little girls. They hurt my eardrums. It is extremely painful for me.

Ron said...

Pat said it wasn't as bad (it was bad) as he expected it to be. I don't know if I could do it though. Maybe with him I could but not by myself.

Ron said...

We're having a good visit. And yes, we're playing everything by ear. More fun that way. So far, so good!

Ron said...

Pat got very little sleep. Maybe two hours of fitful sleep. He's here now though and he'll get a lot of rest.

Ron said...

He didn't say anything about his "leisurely ride" though Wilmington. Maybe Sunday when he goes back. I can imagine it's pretty awful with the I-495 traffic.

Ron said...

I may just look into a train. I don't mind train rides. I know they cost the same. I took an overnight train from Philadelphia to Greenville, SC. I enjoyed the ride. It was expensive though.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I cannot stand screaming kids, especially little girls. Their piercing screams actually cause me pain. I'll do the security theater nonsense at the airport.


Ron said...

Pat has arrived, TIRED. In fact he fell out of the bus. I have the video which I will post. Not tonight but later when I have time. He's here now and he'll get a lot of rest.