Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vacation Week!

Me, River Drive, Philadelphia, PA - September 1974 - alone and looking for my Friend

I know, I know.  Some of you think, just because I live at one of the premier summertime resorts (Rehoboth Beach) that I'm on vacation year round.  WRONG!  Once you live here year round it's not like vacation. Pretty nice?  Yes, of course but one does get used to living near the ocean, the overpriced and bland restaurants, the congested traffic, the paucity of shopping malls.  One would think a "vacation" for me would be getting away from this mess.  But no, this week really is a vacation because my good buddy Pat from Toronto is coming down Monday to spend a week with me and Bill at Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Regular readers of this blog know that Pat is my new Best Buddy.  Good-looking, kind, gentle, clever, funny, non judgmental and no strings attached (he's not married unlike all my straight friends); Pat is a dream come true.  A really nice guy (no smart assed, put down comments to me), who I really enjoy being with.  And…….he likes Bill and Bill likes him.  And, this is very important……no pressure.  Pat is just a nice, good friend who, when I'm with him, I feel complete.  We think alike.  We have the same values.  We both don't like fish.  

Oh, we have our differences but nothing major.  Pat is a vegan whereas I do like a well done hamburger.  He does have me drinking almond milk though.  Pat is also a minimalist whereas, you all know me as an inveterate Pack Rat.  I'm always one step away from appearing on The Hoarders TV program (is that still on)?

This is Pat's fourth trip to Delaware.  This time he's taking the bus.  The trip is going to be about 18 hours.  He leaves Toronto at 7 pm tonight.  He should arrive in Dover at 12:30 pm tomorrow afternoon.  Bill and I will pick him up in Dover.  

Ironically, Dover is the reason that Pat knew I existed.  During my testimony for marriage equality last year in Dover, Pat happened to see my picture

Me at Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware last April waiting to give my testimony for marriage equality, the photo that Pat saw and decided to look me up - and here I thought I had only a face a mother could love

on the Internet.  He knew nothing about me or my blog but he was intrigued by my photo.  Thus he went on a mission to find out more about me.  To make a long story short (cliche time again), he found my blog, started to make comments, I responded.  That progressed to FaceTime and then I casually suggested that, if he was ever came down to Delaware we could have an old time photo taken.  

Pat and me, our Old Time Photo last August - we get another this week!

Little did I know (or expect) he would take me up on that casual, off the cuff offer.  He came down the next week, I met him (in the parking lot of Hotel Blue, I thought he was the parking lot attendant but that's a story for another blog) and realized immediately this was the person I've been looking for all my life.  Yes, I'm married and will continue to stay married.  Fifty years is nothing to throw away (Bill and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary in a couple of weeks).  But Pat is my Friend and he is also the friend of Bill.  It's all good folks.  And we plan to have a very pleasant and relaxing week just being together.  

So folks in the Rehoboh/Lewes/Milton area.  If you see me with a man who looks like my brother, that's my friend Pat. My brother from another mother, and he ain't heavy.

Me at the beach ALONE - no longer alone folks.  

14 comments: said...

Wow, congratulations! Is that right? 50 th anniversary? Wow, what an accomplishment . My husband and I will celebrate our 44 th anniversary. I thought we were like the only ones with a pretty long marriage. Good for you guys!

Roger said...

Enjoy your week ..... With plenty of pictures :-)

Jon said...

WHAT??? NO FISH?!?!??
You and Pat have got to start eating fish. You don't know what you're missing. Just keep the odious vision of them out of your mind while you're eating. I love cod & halibut & pollock & red snapper & mackerel & salmon & tuna. To name a few. I'm a very fishy person, so I'm told......

Pat truly sounds like a one-of-a-kind person. I'm so glad you met him. And I'm glad that Bill hasn't yet hired a "hit man" to kill him (just a little humor there - - very little.....). It's nice that you all get along.
You said that Pat was intrigued by your photo. I wish to hell someone would be intrigued by MY photos! Whenever I post them on my blog, I seem to be the only one who is intrigued. (my humor is sinking like the Titanic.....)

I laughed when you said that people think you're on vacation year-round because you live at Rehoboth Beach. People always assumed the same thing when I was in Southern California. It was all routine to me. Sometimes I'd say "I'm bored". My Mom would say "How could you possibly be bored in Southern California?"

Amanda said...

Such a sweet post! My parents have been married 68 years and my ex in-laws 70 years. I know life is not always easy but you have been lucky to have Bill and now Pat. You are all meant for each others.

Ron said...

Thanks Roger! Pictures will be taken.


Ron said...

That was a fast fifty years. Believe it or not, we're still "working things out." Always a work in progress I guess. Congratulations to you and your husband on 44 years. You know how much work it takes.

Ron said...

I know I'm in the minority for disliking seafood, any kind. The only other person I know who doesn't like seafood is my long time friend Larry. Ironically we're both "water" signs; Larry a Cancer (crab) and me Scorpio. Bill LOVES fish. Here, by the shore, I'm stuck with restaurants that are almost exclusively seafood, leaving me very little choice to choose from except hamburger (I heaven't eaten steak in over forty years).
Bill knows I like Pat and vice versa but Bill knows be well enough and loves me that much to be happy for me as I was for him with his friend Damon of some years ago. And I was really happy for him. We've always had the agreement that if we found someone else, neither one of us would hold the other back. Is there sometimes "issues"? Of course, we wouldn't be human if there wasn't. But Pat knows I will never leave Bill and I wouldn't. Besides, Pat prefers to live alone as I do really. I only live with Bill (for the past fifty years!) because Bill and I have this "agreement." I know this wouldn't work for everyone but it works for us. But Pat and I are very, very compatible. Pat is almost like another version of me, and I have been looking for someone just like me for lo all these years. And wonder of wonders, I found him. Just as Bill and I have almost nothing in common except our love for one another, Pat and I have almost everything in common. I know how he things and Pat knows how I think. It's eerie sometimes who we're both a step ahead of each other. Who would have ever guessed to old guys (Pat is 65 and I'm 71) would have "found each other" at this point in our lives. But we did and I consider it nothing short of a miracle, if I can use that strong of a word.

Talk about my year-round vacation. I remember making the three hour one way trip to Rehoboth Beach back in the 60's and 70's. Now I live here I rarely go to the beach, especially in the summertime with all the tourists. But this week Pat and I will be making visits, just like the tourists. Pat and I also plan to visit Los Angeles sometime. I've never been but he has, and would like to go again. We'll go together. Maybe by then you will have sold your house Jon and we could all get together. You never know, stranger things have happened. Look at what happened to me.

Ron said...

Thank you! You're right about life not always being easy but believe me, I do know how lucky I am to have these two men in my life. To me life is so short and if you can grab a bit of happiness and contentment, go for it. And congratulations to your parents and ex-in-laws; 68 and 70 years together is mind boggling. Bravo for them.


Jon said...

That would really be something if we could all visit Los Angeles together. I just wanted to thank you for your long & interesting reply to my comment.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I remember Pat from bloggerpalooza, and yes, he is a gentleman in every respect of the word! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! I know you will!

Peace <3

FOGGY said...

I swear, in that "Union / Confederate" photo, you guys could easily pass for twins.

My folks were married for 56 years when my Dad passed away in 1989.
My "bestie" and I are together again (it's a long story). He is the reason I've moved back on "dirt", after living on the water for the last 9 years.

You are lucky to have Bill in your life, and him in yours. Now; with Pat in your lives, you all have a good reason to do some long distance traveling (gas prices not inclusive).

GREAT post! Cool photos, and I can easily read the words (Wordpress doesn't give me the option of tyoe size ..... it's always tiny).

Ron said...

I didn't notice our physical resemblance until others pointed it out to us. We both have very prominent noses and small chins. Pat and I are so much alike in out attitude towards life and people. Plus I find Pat very attractive but now I know why, he looks like me and I think most of us like the way we look. Ever notice the number of gay (and straight) couples who look alike?

I know I am VERY lucky to have such wonderful men in my life. My cup runneth over as they say.



Ur-spo said...

A vacation from retirement? I thought retirement was one long vacation! Something is wrong here!!!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
You'll find out when you retire….you'll be busier than you ever were when you "worked." Believe me. Only difference is that you do things that you want to and… can sleep late! There is nothing like the freedom of waking up when YOU want to wake up.