Thursday, June 05, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Me on bicycle trail Schuykill River, January 19, 1975 (Philadelphia, PA)

I haven't participated in "Throwback Thursday".  My nature is such that I resist fads and trends but I can't hold out any longer on this fad.  So folks, here I am with my first "Throwback Thursday" picture.  

Me riding my bicycle December 25, 1954 on Boot Road, Downingtown, PA
(sorry about the quality of the photo, one of my brothers took it) 

This picture was taken on January 19, 1975 when Bill and I lived in center city Philadelphia.  I didn't have a car but I had a bicycle.  Bill had the car, I didn't drive.  In fact I didn't drive until we moved out of Philadelphia to Downingtown, Pennsylvania in 1980 when I was forty years old.  Yes, I got a late start.  I'm making up for it now.

We lived in center city Philly from 1969 to 1980. Those years were some of the best of my life.  I always wanted to walk to work (I worked at Girard Bank, right across from City Hall) and walk to the bars.  "Walking to the bars" was very important to me, callow, self-absorbed youth that I was at that time.  And yes, those were the peak years of gay life in the city.  Talk about timing, I got out just before the onslaught of the AIDS epidemic.  Pure luck folks, pure luck.

I haven't had a bicycle since I moved out of center city.  Lately I've been thinking about getting another bike, haven't made up my mind yet.  I do like riding a bike.  I rode one for years when I was a paper boy in my adolescence.  But then it was for work but not pleasure.  

Ah yes folks, the years to fly by, especially when you're having fun and believe me, I've had my share of fun.

Have a great day!

Me at the Philadelphia Water Works on the Schuykill River, Philadelphia, PA January 19, 1975


  1. by godfrey (to quote W.C. Fields), the waterworks still looks the same 40 years down the road!

    1. Anne Marie,
      You're probably the only person who reads this post that know what the Waterworks is.

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Do you remember where on Boot Rd was this picture taken?

    1. Anonymous,
      Yes, I do remember. The intersection between Chestnut Street and Skelp Level Road.


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