Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pat Lands in Delaware

Some folks drive to Delaware and some fly in.  But my friend Pat?  He takes a 17 plus hour bus (five of them actually) from Toronto to Dover, Delaware.  Here is the video of Pat arriving in Dover yesterday at the Greyhound "bus station."  Actually there was NO bus station which was a source of considerable confusion when we (me and Bill drove looking for it.  Then when we couldn't find a bus station we assumed it was just the stop (which it was).  Then there was a problem parking because there is a hospital right behind the "bus station" but for EMPLOYEES ONLY.  

WTF?  So Bill dropped me of while he drove around, waiting for my phone call.  

Well, all's well that ends well and Pat is here. After his nap (and mine) yesterday afternoon we had dinner at our favorite Mexican (real) restaurant (La Quetzalteca) which is off the Beaten Path (on Rt. 24 outside of Millsboro).  

Me enjoying my frozen lime margarita at La Quetzalteca - tasty, refreshing, potent and INEXPENSIVE!

Then we went into Rehoboth to while away a very pleasant two or more hours enjoying an early summer evening in the wonderful resort that is Rehoboth Beach.  I rarely (actually never) get to enjoy this aspect of Rehoboth Beach because Bill doesn't like to go in and my friends all have their friends…..well, it just doesn't work out for me.  But with Pat, we're both so similar in our outlook on life, personalities and don't have the attitude "I can't do this! I can't do that! I can't afford it! I have another engagement." as has been my past experience with my Rehoboth "friends."  Oh the stories I can tell from being stood up for a lunch date to hearing just about every excuse why someone can't "go out."  I have come to the conclusion that these "friends" really don't want to spend time with me.  Not that that makes them bad people but they just don't have an interest in me or that I bore them or a combination of both.  But that is all history now and I don't want to dwell on the negative since I have a true friend who enjoys spending time with me and I with him.  

Pat in Browse About Books in Rehoboth last night - first time I've been in this bookstore - it's great! Who knew?

Who would have ever have thought that two Old Guys (Pat is 65 and I'm 72) hooked up this late in life?  Sometimes things work out.  I'm actually having the best time of my life folks.  It's all good!

Guess what?  It's time for the Old Time Photo today.  Now you know it's serious.


Stan said...

Should have "Everybody's Talking" playing in background (from the film Midnight Cowboy.)
"I'm going where the sun keeps shining
Through the pouring rain
Going where the weather suits my clothes"

Enjoy the visit.

Karen said...

Matching whiskers! You look like brothers!

Ron said...

I thought the same thing!

Ron said...

We are alike in so many ways. It's uncanny. I always knew their was another "me" somewhere in the world. I think I found him.

Anonymous said...


I've ridden the "Hound" and lived to tell about it! YAY to Pat!!!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

why the bus? why not fly? I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Ron, I'm so glad you have such a good friend to visit with! Sometimes it takes another "pair of eyes" to help see and enjoy what's around you everyday. I hope you boys have a wonderful time together. I don't envy Pat's bus ride, tho! ~~ NB