Friday, June 06, 2014

Now This Is How a Man Wears Shorts

Bradley Cooper in "costume" for his latest movie playing a Navy Seal - now this is how a MAN wears shorts

I'm old enough to remember that when a man (or boy) wore shorts, they actually were shorts.  I don't know what happened but somewhere over the past ten, fifteen or twenty years the women's "shorts" got shorter and the men's shorts got longer. 

Adam Sandler, movie star and fashionista wearing his "shorts" - right up  there with the latest fashion trend but he looks like crap (to me anyway)- is it me or does it look like he's wearing a red pair of ladies pantaloons? 

I think the trend started with the black NBA basketball (no pun intended) players.  Once the blacks got into the NBA, I suppose that then then NBA basketball shorts weren't enough "basket" to keep their family jewels (I don't call men's genitals "junk", thank you, because they're NOT JUNK) in place. 

"Basket….ball" shorts back in the Fifties

Then the Cool Dudes (black NBA basketball players) took over the NBA and set a new fashion trend which, of course, The Whites quickly followed, not wanted to be subject to the Fashion Police scrutiny.

Then wearing real shorts (looks good doesn't it?)
Now (they're wearing "skirts")

 Even boxers took to trading in their boxer trunks for silk dresses.

Joe Louis and Max Schmelling - back when men were men and wore real shorts and not silk mini dresses

How long do you think it will take until the "shorts" are down to the ankles?  I give it another five years then we will have come full cycle, long pants for boxers.  Long silk pants (ies).

So folks, feast your eyes, this is how a real man wears shorts.  Oh yes! I do love me some man thighs………and the rear view isn't bad either.


anne marie in philly said...


yeah, fine looking philly dude, front AND back!

baggy shorts look like shit, but I don't see them going away any time soon. :(

and TYVM, I don't wear shorts cause NO ONE wants to see my fat legs in shorts (not even I wanna see THAT horrible sight!).

Anonymous said...

Seems they all have such big cocks they need the longer shorts so it doesn't peek out! LOL

nitewrit said...


No apologies, but I still wear fairly short shorts for hiking. I don't know why shorts became so long as to be closer to Capri size. It's hot weather and the less on the better it feels.


Ron said...

So Adam Sandler has such a big dick he has to wear pantaloons? Adam Sandler IS a big dick.


Ron said...

It's all a "style" thing. Men are the worst for being slaves to fashion, way worse than women, contrary to popular belief.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Bala Cynwyd I believe. Bradley is a fine looking hunk of man flesh. And…..he's a nice guy too which is what I really find appealing unlike that other "Brad" (Pitt) who is a major douche.

anne marie in philly said...

nope, rydal/abington.

Jon said...

Bradley Cooper definitely knows how to wear shorts, and he has the perfect ass for them. I despise the pantaloons and baggy crap that men wear nowadays, and I don't understand the purpose of it. It's hideous.
I haven't looked good in shorts since I was three. And I haven't worn them since I was nine (except in high school gym class, when they were mandatory).

I remember when we used to have "jock checks" in gym. The coach would randomly pull down our shorts to make sure we were wearing jock straps instead of underwear............I'll bet he enjoyed that........

wcs said...

I noticed the trend in tennis over the years. Andy Roddick wore such long and baggy shorts I swore he was wearing a dress on the court. Now the shorts are getting much less baggy and flowing and more form-fitting once again, although the length is still closer to the knee than mid-thigh. I suspect the trend was helped along by straight guys not wanting to look "gay" in short shorts.

Raybeard said...

I've heard of 'hip-hugging' but 'NUTS-hugging'?

Stan said...

I prefer cargo shorts (even pants) myself because they have lots of pockets to put your stuff in. But if I had a body and looked as good as Bradley does I'd sure as hell go back to those short shorts again.

Ron said...

I always liked wearing shorts but I don't wear the short shorts these days. But I also don't wear the baggies either. Somewhere in between. I too despised the trend towards the pantaloons. I think that was a "gangsta thang" perpetrated by the myth of some black athletes who thought their dong was too long for the standard short shorts.
"Jock checks in gym?" Man oh man, what KIND of gym class did you have Jon? We never had that but I did hear of "short arm inspections" in the Army but I never had to undergo one. I suspect that your gym teacher was pulling something, no pun intended….well, maybe.

Ron said...

Nothing the matter with "Nuts-hugging" as long as one has a body like Bradley. Looks good to me!

Ron said...


I prefer cargo shorts (and pants) these days. I need loose clothes. Must have something to do with getting older. I don't like tight, constrictive clothing that suffocates me. I look back on my clothing choices when I first came out (the middle Sixties) - all tight all the time. What was I thinking? Well, maybe picking up a guy…..or two.

Ron said...

I don't know what this is Anne Marie.

Ron said...

I think you're right about straight guys not wanting to look "gay" in short shorts. One thing I notice these days is, usually the older gay guy does wear shorts that are a bit shorter than his younger gay peer (counterpart or whatever). I never saw anything appealing about the baggy look though. Too "gangsta" for me.

Unknown said...

Ron, You and I do think a lot alike. I do like the shorts that ARE shorts on a guy and just not culotts. Back in the 70s & 80s any guy could wear a three inch inseam shorts and not get funny looks. Typically I'll wear my cut-offs about mid-thigh lenght, I may have to go longer but reg fit. I'm starting to get that old man body I knew would come. I do have a pair of the Navy swim shorts like what Bradley is wearing, I may post a photo on my blog. I took the pic when I was 49 or 50 yrs. I also have a photo of me laying on the beach in Hawai'i when I was 21yrs wearing cut-offs. I'm not sure if I want to publish that pic of me or not, It's just tooooo embarrassing. But you should see my room mate, the guy who took it. 0_o I like this blog post! Randy.

Ur-spo said...

At my gym the men's shorts are nearly dresses. I think there is more vanity NOT to show off your thighs or backside in public. Once in a while I see an older man (over 70) wearing shorts from the 70s and I too have to gasp how exposed he looks in them. I too look forward to the fashion pendulum swinging back to higher hemlines - if only for the wrong reasons.

Raybeard said...

Oh, nothing at all WRONG with them, Ron - but you do need a nice behind to carry it off, which the delicious B.C. has - but, alas, I don't.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Some of the "shorts" I see are no different from the culotte shorts that my Mother used to wear, only longer. Some I see are all the way down to the top of the ankles. These are "shorts?" And what's with the woman like silk/rayon material of the "basketball" shorts? Maybe some of these guys think their member is so long they need long shorts (an oxymoron if there ever was one) to keep "it" from dragging on the ground. Nothing attractive about the current trend (see Adam Sandler's photo) at all.

Ron said...

Good point Ray. I've seen some of those guys who don't have the body to "carry it off." I wish I could get my friend Pat to wear shorts, he has the behind to carry it off. Just one more thing I love about Pat!

Ron said...

You definitely don't have that "old man body". But it does come, I can attest to that. I haven't changed my diet over the years and my weight has stayed within ten pounds of when I graduated from high school but things have "shifted around" a bit. I used to wear short shorts when I was younger but not now, I would never do it. Like you it would be tooooo embarrassing. However, I don't wear shorts that look like dresses either that are down to my ankles.
Keep those comments coming Randy. I always like hearing from you and your positive outlook on life.

JAS said...

Regarding the popularity of super-long basketball shorts, Michael Jordan may have played a role on this.
Michael Jordan used to wear his University of North Carolina shorts underneath his Chicago Bull shorts back when shorts used to be shorter. However, his UNC shorts were slightly longer than his Chicago Bulls shorts and was seen trying to pull them down a bit to cover the other shorts. He had a preference for longer shorts and was even shown wearing them in a 1988 video. As he became synonymous with the popularity of basketball, eventually the NBA followed suit in adopting his look by the early 90s.
I normally don’t wear shorts because the vast majority of shorts today are baggy and/or reach beyond my knees, especially because I am rather short (5’7”). They make me look even shorter than I am. I wouldn’t personally wear those shorts that Bradley Copper is wearing either.
However, recently shorter shorts (above the knee) have become more acceptable and sold (i.e. Chubbies, Hollister, A&F). I bought me a pair of shorts from Hollister and another one from A&F with 5.5” inseams, but they don’t look ridiculously short on me since I am shorter than average. I’ve been wearing them in a few places in Houston where it is in the low 90s, but feels like 100F. Best decision I’ve made this summer so far.

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