Friday, September 07, 2018

More Hamilton Ontario Canada Dancing Guy

Whenever I want to feel good, I just look at one of these videos that my Canadian pal Pat sends to me of the Hamilton Dancing Guy.  This is the latest.  Man, what talent this guy has. Here he dances to country music. Always makes me smile and feel good all over when I see this guy just enjoy life with total abandon. 




Raybeard said...

Splendid - what a spectacle! He takes tapping one's toes to the music up to the ultimate level. Funny how every is ignoring what he's doing (and I must admit that I'd be one of them), not even acknowledging his presence and probably writing him off as having drunk too much, though you can see from his keeping balance and expertise of movement that it's not so. A lot of us envy his absence of inhibition, just to do his 'thing' that gives him (and others) so much pleasure..

Joel Reisteter said...

Ron, thank you very much for posting this video.
He sure is a very good dancer!
From what I can see of his face when I pause the video, he looks a lot like my late friend, Tom.

Ron said...

Exactly Ray, that's what I like about this buy, just doing his thing with a lack of inhibition. Would that more of us could be like this. I always enjoy watching him dance. I'm glad Pat "discovered" him.

Ron said...

Glad you enjoyed this video of the Hamilton Dancing Guy. He always makes me feel good when I see him dancing with abandon

Jon said...

I've never seen the Hamilton Dancing Guy before. He moves better than I do...
I really like the header photo on your blog!

Ron said...

You have good dance moves Jon? Would LOVE to see them. The header photo is of the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, I work at a hotel right on the canal. I took this photo from sundeck of one of the suites. I have a nice job at a nice place!