Saturday, September 22, 2018

Last Day In Canada

Me and Pat at a new restaurant discovery, Sagarmatha Curry Palace in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Today is my last day in Canada. 

This is always the bad part of my holidays with Pat, they end too quickly.

Tomorrow I will arise early for my two hour ride to Buffalo, New York for my 10:36 am flight to Philadelphia. 

As you can see from the paucity of my blog postings since I've been in Canada, I've been very busy. We have been very busy. 

Always something to do on our holidays together. 

We don't plan anything special, just let the days flow but they're always full.

I think yesterday (the days run together) we took the bus to Toronto and explored the massive underground shopping area.  I've never seen anything like that in my life. Sure does beat Philly's homeless sleeping, urine stink Concourse.  Philly has come a long way since I've worked there in the 80's but they have a long way to go. 

The weather has been perfect during my whole stay.  Yesterday was a near tornado but even that was fun. No one got hurt.

As we are wont to do, we discovered a few new vegan restaurants.  One we especially like is an Indian/Nepalese restaurant called Sagarmatha, which is understand is Nepalese for Mt. Everest.  Vegan food was very tasty, inexpensive and we had a cozy corner table. Sevice was a little slow but I'll give them a pass on that.

Well, I hear Pat rousing in the bedroom.  Soon we will be off on another day of adventure. 

Rest assured I will catch up on all the doings here this past week, photos and videos included.  And by the way, a good blogger friend of mine who also visited Canada this week posted that we wouldn't "bore" his readers with photos and videos of his trip.  Wow, that's not me folks. Be prepared to be bored. I don't consider a trip worthwhile unless I take a ton of photos and videos. And if anyone is bored, which I am sure there are a few who have short attention spans or have other interests, they don't have to stop by here for a visit. I for one like to create permanent memories. Can you imagine life without photos or videos to relieve old memories?  I can't but then that's old boring me.

Poster from Steel City bar and restaurant, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - how did I ever miss this movie?

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Each post is a joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the golden years. Although, I prefer to refer these years as the silver age. I'm glad that you share your joy with others.

I am elderly and fully aware when one is young, one seeks fun, yet as one ages, one should exist in joy.

Have a pleasant return trip home.

By the way, any mention or conversation by the Canadians regarding global warming's effect on their climate?

What is your impression of Buffalo,NY. It appears there is an exodus of Americans to Buffalo, NY, in order to be proximal to a sane country, in support of domestic rights.

I have wondered about this.If marriage equality is struck down by the U.S.A. Supreme Court, would it be grounds to flee the U.S.A. as a political prisoner,to Canada?

If I were not able to maintain domestic rights of partnership,I feel that I would be a hostage in my own country.I fear for what's coming with the next Supreme Court.There seems to be a current of hysteria amongst my friends that our individual rights are being threatened in regards to LGBT issues.

Marie said...

Hi, Ron, I'm so glad that once again, you enjoyed your time with Pat in Hamilton. I'm looking forward to all the pictures and tales of what you men go up to the past week or so. Always nice to hear of your adventures and then safe trip back to your lovely house and Bill.

Joel Reisteter said...

Great movie poster, in a sarcastic way. "Werewolves On Wheels" was released in 1971. I think Steve Oliver has the lead role in this grade B biker exploitation film. Oliver was born in Philadelphia, 11/29/41 and died in Los Angeles 3/5/2008 from gastric cancer. This movie also features Barry McGuire, who is known for the song "Eve Of Destruction." I'm glad you and Pat had a good visit.
What about the dancing man in Gore Park? Can we see more video soon?

Travel said...

Looking forward to your return and lots of pictures.

Ur-spo said...

I am putting together a list of "Halloween movies" to see next month. Werewolves on wheels goes to the top of the list.