Monday, September 24, 2018

Home From Canada

Pat with my carry on luggage at the Buffalo airport yesterday

Early yesterday morning I left sunny Canada for the hour ride to the Buffalo airport.  Yes, my week long stay in Canada had come to an end.

Pat drove me to Buffalo for my flight to Philadelphia. 

The traffic was light.  That was good. 

We had no problem crossing the border. That was good too.

I went through the TSA pre check line again at the Buffalo airport. I am so glad I took the time last summer to go to Dover and complete my TSA security pre check information.

My flight out of Buffalo left on time, unlike my flight out of Philadelhia which was almost an hour late because of mechanical difficulties.

Small plane again.  This time I had a big guy in the seat next to me on the plane. He overflowed into my space.  I think he felt bad about it. Oh we'll, it was only a hour flight.

I arrived in Philadelphia under cloudy and misty rain.  My ride to pick me up was stuck in traffic on Route One.  I didn't mind waiting.  Ironically the last time he picked me up he was stuck in traffic. It all evens out though because he's picked me up in the past where my flights have been delayed. I didn't mind waiting.

I arrived home yesterday at about 3 o'clock. Bill was very glad to see me. I was exhausted. Flying is a chore.  

It was so nice to sleep in my own bed last night. 

I love my quarterly trips with Pat but I do like coming home. Then I get to look forward to another trip.  Our next get together will be in Philadelphia a week after Thanksgiving.  I won't have to take a flight on that trip.

Now to get back into my daily routine. Another successful trip which I will share via photos and videos in future blog postings.

Have a great day everyone!


Joel Reisteter said...

I'm glad to hear you had fun.

wcs said...

Welcome home!

Raybeard said...

We're awaiting your first 'report', Ron - with illustrations, naturally. :-)

Travel said...

Welcome Home!

Ron said...

Great week in Canada but always good to get home too!

Ron said...

They're coming Ray! You know me. Photos and videos galore.

Ron said...

Thanks Walt. Always enjoy visiting Canada, seeing and experiencing a different culture. May go up two times next year!

Ron said...

I love Canada and, of course, Pat is the perfect host. Couldn't be better. I am so lucky to have Pat as a friend.