Friday, September 28, 2018

Tractor Troubles

Bill on his riding mower ready to go into the garage for repair

Today I am so tempted to write about the Supreme Court imbroglio but I will spare you that screed.  Instead I will write about a mundane subject, our riding mower tractor is on the blink.

Yes, you heard that right, our tractor is kerplunk. 

Yesterday we had our tractor picked up to go into the shop for repair. 

Bill and I live on an acre of land here in the great state of Delaware in Sussex County.

All my life I wanted to live on my own land. In Pennsylvania we had 7.6875 acres of land, mostly wooded. Here in Delaware we live on a nice patch of typical suburban green grass that needs a lot of mowing.  Bill likes to mow grass.  Our grass and our neighbor's grass, don't go volunteering him to mow anyone else's grass.

Four years ago I depleted our savings account and bought Bill one of those John Deere zero degree lawn mowers.  Bill now possessed the fastest mower in our neighborhood. 

When I left for my annual vacation to Canada a few weeks ago, I was thinking that perhaps it was time to get our John Deere mower an overhaul maintenance. My thought were very prescient because two days after I arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Bill sent me an e-mail that his mower wasn't working.  HELP!  Bill was in a near panic.  Where to get the mower fixed?  

Just when I was thinking everything was going smooth, another "crises."  Boy, wouldn't I like go a couple of weeks with no "crises" or doctors' appointments.  It's not to be.

When I got home our neighbor Bob M. had a number of a man who fixes riding mowers.  I called him.  He told me he was very "backed up" with repairs.  Of course he's backed up, we're in the midst of the mowing season.  But thank goodness he came yesterday and picked up our mower.  

Now as the grass is growing (it only stops growing in the winter), we await our tractor. 

Just another day at Casa Tipton-Kelly. And the Kavanaugh confirmation has been delayed a week.


Raybeard said...

Did either of you see the film 'The Lawnmower Man'? If not, don't. Might give Bill some ideas, and you'll be asking the police to conduct a search to find out which state he's ridden it to.

Joel Reisteter said...

Hopefully, it's an easy and quick repair job and the repair bill won't be too far above your budget.

Ron said...

I saw preview clips of that movie. Old guy riding a mower (Bruce Dern I believe) to some far away location. Funny premise. Bill loves his lawnmower though!

Ron said...

Have no idea how much this repair is going to cost. Probably a couple hundred dollars.