Wednesday, September 05, 2018


Washington Post reporter and Watergate legend Bob Woodard's book about Trump comes out September 11th.  I ordered it yesterday from my Amazon prime account. 

In the book he confirms what we all know (and yes, even hard core base Trump supporters), that Trump is idiot and has the understanding of a 
"fifth or sixth grader", which to me insults fifth and sixth graders. 

I don't like to post these political rants to my blog and believe it or not I do restrain myself, but I have to admit I worry every day about the state of our country. Trump is not competent to be president of the United States. Trump isn't competent to hold any political office.  Trump is a con man and everyone knows it.  Even his supporters know that fact but they don't care. Forget them.  They'll never change because they're on the Trump Train.

What really concerns me is that our system of government has totally broken down.  The Republican controlled Congress has given Trump a pass on his criminality.  They have put their own selfish interests (holding on to power, tax cuts, and packing the courts with Republican judges) over the welfare and safety of the country.

Another concern I have and something that really saddens me is the discovery that so many of my friends and neighbors who I like and respect, are blind to Trump's incompetence and criminality and yes, his traitorous activity in sucking up to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Yesterday I was talking to an old friend that I went to college with.  I haven't talked to him for years.  He called me to check on the status of our mutual prostate cancer situation.  He also told me that he and his wife were considering moving to Delaware from Pennsylvania (to get away from the high Pennsylvania taxes of course) and would like my advice which I am glad to give.  During our course of conversation I mentioned I was listening to the Trump nominated Kavanaugh hearings on TV.  During the conversation I found out that Rich (his name) supported Trump.  My immediate feeling was one of sadness and disappointment because I always considered Rich intelligent and reasonable. I have to admit I am baffled how anyone could support Trump.  Hillary is gone so it can't be Hillary Hate.  I know Rich and he's not one of those people who got freaked out because a black man was in the White House for eight years. So I just don't understand. 

Last night I was so tired that I didn't even stay up late enough watch Rachel and Lawrence on MSNBC.  I woke up in a sweat about 1:30 am. I managed to get back to sleep and got up at my regular time at quarter to seven this morning. I'm still exhausted.  I wonder is my exhaustion is caused by the current peril our country is in because of Trump and crazy town?

I feel that eventually this horrible situation our country is in because of Trump will right itself. They may have to take Trump out of the White House in handcuffs because you know Trump won't go willingly.  I have no fear of the Trump supporters rioting.  That element has always been in this country. 

I don't know how long this will take. The first step in the removal of Trump from office will began after the fall mid term elections. I'll be in Philadelphia that week with my very good friend and Canadian Travel Buddy Pat. Hope this year will be vastly different form 2016 when I arrived in Philadelphia prepared to celebrate my birthday the day after the election of Trump to the presidency of the United States. Of course I didn't celebrate. That year was perhaps the worst birthday I've ever had. And this nightmare has continued for the past two years.

This year I hope is different. I cannot imagine any other scenario.  I hope and pray (and I don't pray) that I live long enough to see Trump and (yes) even his kids (including Ivanka) in prison.  Now that would be a birthday present and proof that NO ONE is above the law. 

Trump has been breaking the law for his whole adult life.  That folks is about to come to an end. 


Elle Clancy said...

So true. The greatest shame are these Republicans who went after Obama for every little thing, but are letting this loon get a pass. It is simply disgusting. The White House is already coming out against this book but will have a much harder time discrediting Bob Woodward. And you just know those quotes are true! (My favorites are the ones about Giuliani [who I do believe has Alzheimer's] and Sessions [just a dreadful man who honestly is getting everything he deserves]). This cannot continue.

Not sure how familiar you are w/news reports of the Georgia governor's race. Stacey Abrams is running for the Democrats. Lovely woman; she talked about how she was sitting home so disturbed about the state of affairs, etc., and then realized it didn't really do any good for her to sit in her living room fussing about she decided to get out there and run for office. (She was much more eloquent about it but you get the idea.) I am hoping all good people make that decision--to get out and get involved, whether it's by donating, supporting their candidates, or by running themselves.

Joel Reisteter said...

This Donald (t)Rump was always has been a wack-job to me, I followed stories about him in NYC media since the mid '80's. I just didn't like him back then. I only watched about 3 episodes of The Apprentice, I was NOT impressed by (t)Rump. By that time I already moved on. His/It's 2015-16 Presidential campaign was just a blur to me. What he said about McCain and the Bushes was (and still is) simply un-American.

Joel Reisteter said...

Yes, I'm getting that book, also.
(t)Rump *

Anonymous said...

The new corporate tax rate must be repealed. This new corporate tax rate adds trillions of dollar to the National Debt. Our standard of living will fall. We need a National Gross Consumption Tax to pay for National Health Care.

This book will fuel the fall election midterms with a high turnout of educated voters.

Harry Hamid said...

That's the scariest part to me: That otherwise seemingly intelligent and likable people fall for his transparent lies and hate. I mean, i grew up fearing the ones like Ronald Reagan - people that are wrong but come across as rather reasonable. But there's nothing reasonable or truthful on the surface of Trump. And it breaks my heart that so many people don't seem to notice!

Ron said...

I know of Stacey Abrams. I love her! She seems so balanced and a natural leader. I think she has a good chance of winning the governor's race. Tomorrow I vote in the Delaware primary. I haven't decided yet who I am going to vote for Senator. Our longtime senator is Thomas Carper. He is being challenged by a black woman who also happens to be a lesbian. Should be interesting who wins. I would vote for her in a second but I'm concerned that she may not be able to beat her Republican opponent in November. There are a lot of Trump supporters here in Delaware. I may end up voting for Carper in the end because I don't want to take a chance another Democrat loses a seat in the Senate.

Ron said...

Believe it or not I used to like Trump. But that was before I really knew him. I was fooled. He is selfish, immoral and un-American man. A disaster as president and not a leader. Our country is in great danger as long as he is president.

Ron said...

Mine will be delivered on the 11th.

Ron said...

It was grossly irresponsible that the Republicans passed this massive tax cut. Watch when when try to cut the social safety net (Social Security, Medicare) to pay for the tax cuts.

Ron said...

I feel the same way. I am so disappointed in finding people I otherwise thing intelligent and reasonable who continue to support this criminal, Donald Trump. What is the matter with them? why can't they see the obvious?

Anonymous said...

I am upset that the Texas Dept.of Education has ruled that money from the state of Texas and local goverments is not allowed to be used to educate children in federal detention centers.Teachers are volunteering to teach these children.

I have family members who support Trump. If Trump's name is mentioned in a conversation, I think of these children.

The legality of civil unions is one vote away from being erased.I am also shocked that reasonable people are unaware of the potential financial burden when the world's people's begins to lose faith in a democratic state. This distrust of a goverment leads to the economic downfall of its citizens.

Travel said...

Ordered the book. I have to think this is going to be a fun day at 1600.

Anonymous said...

It used to be for the common sense of a fifth or sixth grader to state,"When I grow up, I want to be President."

Nowadays, a fifth or sixth grader may say,"I have the common sense to teach the President to grow up and not be a bully."

How someone could discredit the national public service of a Prisoner of War (POW)
John McCain and become the Commander in Chief is manipulation at its worst level.

By McCain's vote, we still have Obamacare.People are finally waking up about the need for national health care.The current opiod crisis is caused by a lack of funding for mental health.

Ur-spo said...

It is so sad.

Ron said...

Never underestimate the ignorance of a large swath of the American public. They have been conned and they don't even know it.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
We truly facing the most dangerous threat to our democracy and way of life right not because of this con artist. He did collude with the Russians to win the election and is a traitor and a criminal who has been getting away with breaking the law for his whole adult life. The really sad part is that the Republicans in Congress are letting him get away with it. They have failed in their Constitutional obligation for which they took an oath, to provide a check of the abuse of power by the president.