Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Some Kind of Wonderful"

Arriving late Sunday afternoon September 16th in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Pat took me on the last day of the Hamilton Crawl. 

Pat and I both like live music.  We were in luck. John Ellison, the composer of the song "Some Kind of Wonderful" was performing right in the center of Hamilton. 

The only live music event I ever attended in my life was Brasil 66 performing at the Philadelphia Academy of Music in 1966.  I had one of the cheap nosebleed seats way at the top of the Academy of Music auditorium.  I got to see the tops of the heads of Sergio Mendez and his group. Sound was great but visual, not so much.

This time was different.  Here I was going to see the man who wrote the song "Some Kind of Wonderful", John Ellison.  Prior to today I didn't know who wrote the song. 

Before performing his hit song, Mr. Ellison explained how he came to write the song.  That I didn't tape, too long.  Let's just say he was besotted with a lady he happened to meet by chance and wrote a song for her.

I was very impressed with Mr. Ellison, who happens to be the same age as me.  Don't I wish I had his energy and talent.  

So without further ado, here is my video of Mr. Ellison's performance of his song "Some Kind of Wonderful".  And I will say, my one week stay in Hamilton with my host Mr. Patrick Flynn was "Some Kind of Wonderful".

Now here is Grand Funk Railroad which made this song a hit. What do you think? I prefer John's version? What version do you like?


Joel Reisteter said...


Ron said...

Glad I was there to catch this performance in person.

Raybeard said...

Don't know the names (neither one) nor the song, which evidently infected most of the crowd who happened to be there. Still, if one is an admirer it must have felt mighty lucky to have been present.

Ron said...

I knew the song but I wasn't aware that John Ellison wrote it and was performing in Hamilton. Pat told me that. By the way, John Ellison is a Hamilton native. That's probably why he was performing there at the Hamilton Crawl.

MaggieB said...

Hi Ron,

Did you find your Dancing man 🕺 that you featured over several blogs a couple of weeks ago?

Ron said...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to encounter the Dancing Man (Harold) during my visit to Canada.Pat said Harold usually shows up during live music (band) in Gore Park. I got into Hamilton on Sunday, the last day of the live bands in the streets. Harold wasn't there. Looks like I'll have to wait until next year. Darn!