Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ready For Takeoff

Me ready to board the plane

This time tomorrow I'll be in line to board my flight from Philadelphia International airport to Buffalo, New York.  My Canadian Travel Buddy will be waiting for me in Buffalo to complete the final leg of my trip to his luxury condo in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  This is fifth annual trip to Canada to visit Pat.  

Packing for my trips are always a challenge for me. I'm one of those people who packs for "all occasions" and I always end up not wearing most of the shirts I've packed. Every trip, looking at my packed to the gills carry-on luggage I vow to pack less. Usually I take way too many shirts and pullovers.

This is what I'm packing this trip:

  • 5 sets of underwear (T-shirts, underwear)
  • 5 sets of socks
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 light windbreaker/rain jacket
  • 3 pullovers/colored T-shirts
  • 3 plastic see-thru plastic packets of toiletries  including prescriptions pills 
  • chargers for my iPhone, Macbook and Bose speaker

This is what I'm packing in my overhead bin carryon luggage.

In my personal shoulder briefcase:

DVD's (first season Game of Thrones)
TD Bank checkbook

There, I think I've covered everything. I'll take a last check before my neighbor picks me up tomorrow morning at 7:30 am for the two hour trip to Philly International for my hour flight to Buffalo.  

Oh, I forgot!  Plane tickets!  I'll download those later today from my computer.  I print the tickets and I also have the tickets on my iPhone. This is the first time I'm using my TSA pre-check app that I got last year.  Let's see if that works.  Sure would be nice to breeze through TSA security.  

I'll try to keep you all updated during mystery stay in Canada.  Won't have as many photos to post though, I can only do that from my iMac here.  

No matter how many trips I take, I always get nervous.  I got that from my Mother.  Not nervous because of being afraid of flying, I've never had that fear.  My nervousness comes from all the connections I have to make to finally arrive at my destination. Once I arrive in Canada, I actually feel at home.  How about that?  I feel the same way when we visit California and Philadelhia. I'm finally living the life I always looked forward to all those years I used to schlepp to work at my banking job in Philly.  Like another blogger friend of mine I often thought "Can't wait until I retire so I can do what I want to do."  I'm very lucky folks because I am retired now (my part-time job at the hotel funds these trips) and am doing what I want to do.  And how lucky I am to do it with such a great guy like Pat? 

Pat and me in Canada


Joel Reisteter said...

I have a sort of a travel nervousness too. "Will I make it to the departing gate on time?" "Will this crowd disperse so I can walk faster to the gate?"
Anyways, Ron, I hope you have a safe journey and a safe and worry-free and FUN time with Pat in Hamilton.
And of course, have a safe and worry-free trip back to home in The First State.

Ron said...

Thanks Joel!

Harry Hamid said...

You sound like you have it down to an art. I'm going to be flying in a couple weeks for the first time in... let's see... seven years. I've been wondering about the tricks to things like prescription pills and contact lens solution. If I took a vacation more than once a decade, I'd know.

Enjoy the trip!

Travel said...

Looks like a nice compact packing list. The only part of travel I can control, is getting to the airport on time. Once I am past security, it is in the airlines hands, and they do their best. WIth pre-check, put your wallet, phone, keys, change, watch, and belt in your carry on and run it through the x-ray machine. (I know they say you don't have to take your belt off, but if the buckle sets off the metal detector it is a pain and delay.) 9 out of 10 times you just walk through. The 10th time, they will swab your hands. WIth credit cards and an ATM card, I have stopped taking checkbooks with me. One less item.

Jon said...

I can understand your nervousness before the trip - there are always lots of things to contend with that can cause anxiety. But it's a beautiful time of year and I'm sure you'll have a great time with Pat.

Anonymous said...

America will be a little less great,until you return home.