Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence - "Storm of a Lifetime"

Another hurricane season is here!

Living on the East Coast as I do, I dread hurricane season.  

I live in southern Delaware, on the East coast, two miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

A few years ago we just missed Hurricane Sandy by fifty miles.  Sandy took an unexpected turn just as she was bearing down on Sussex County, where I live.  Phew! Missed that one. 

It is known here that we are due for the Big One.  Thank God that hasn't happened yet.  We are very vulnerable though, all flat coastal land here.  

I feel guilty when I admit I was somewhat relieved when I saw that Hurricane Florence was veering away from traveling up the East Coast and slamming the Delaware coast. 

Hurricane Florence is predicted to hit the Carolina coast Saturday morning. I hope (I don't pray) that the damage is minimal and there is no loss of life for those in Florence's path.  


Joel Reisteter said...

I would love to see the jet-stream winds blow this tropical storm out to sea.
As for *superstorm* Sandy, I never heard of any damage south of Atlantic City. South Jersey, Cape May and Del-Mar-Va were spared, and pretty much out of harms way.

Ron said...

Me too Joel! I fear there will be a lot of rain for the Carolinas though. A deluge.

Jon said...

Hopefully your area won't get any negative effects from the wrath of Florence. It looks horrendous on the NASA camera. My cousin Nancy used to live in Homestead, Florida and her house was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. That's why she moved here to Tennessee.

Ron said...

My cousin Donna used to live in Key West Florida. She said she moved because she got tired of running away from hurricanes. I would too!