Saturday, July 22, 2017

Free Grocery Winner!

My "win" this morning. I'll take it!

This morning as I was checking at our favorite local supermarket, my bill came up zero.

The elderly lady was a new checker. She thought she made a mistake. I had already inserted my credit card in the chip receiving device, waiting to see the "OK" I could touch screen.  

She called the manager, thinking he had done something wrong. The manager came and looked at the above screed and said "Oh, there is nothing wrong.  You won free groceries today."  

Hey, I'm a winner!  How about that?  

Always nice to win.

During the unexpected mini celebration of my win I noticed the customer behind me.  His downcast fast said it all.  I said to him "You missed it by one."  He looked up at me and said "Hey, that's the story of my life."  

My happy win this morning reminds me of this Spy TV joke that ran a few years ago.

Only difference is that I didn't win a million dollars and my win wasn't a joke. But to the guy behind me this morning, he wasn't happy. But I am! Wha a nice way to start the day.


Jon said...

Wow, Ron- congratulations! This has restored my faith in humanity (almost). I sure as heck wish it would have happened to me.

BTW - I enjoyed the video.

Ur-spo said...

lucky fellow !

Deedles said...

That is so cool! Sadly, the closest we ever came to something like that was the time my hubby walked into a Taco Bell twenty years ago, came back to the car, and wondered why his food was so cheap (relatively speaking). We looked at the receipt and found that they had automatically given him the senior discount. He was forty-one at the time but an unexpected savings is always good :)

Harry Hamid said...

That's cool. That sort of thing never happens to me...

Travel said...

And it was a modest order, I seldom get out of the grocery store for less than $100.

Bea said...

A fun win!

Back Porch Writer said...

Congrats on the free groceries- what a fun surprise.

Anonymous said...

Winning groceries is good. Buying Oreo's in the Family Size and looking as thin as you do is better.

pat888 said...

Congrats Ron. You are a winner!! And a good useful win - Food! Maybe the stars are in line - did you buy a powerball ticket?

Ron said...

Occasionally I do have my faith in humanity restored by small acts like this. Never give up!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I am very lucky, lucky in life and I know it.

Ron said...

Wow. Only 41 and he gets the senior discount? That must have been depressing. I know the first time I got an automatic senior discount I knew I had crossed a line.

Ron said...

I've won a few things in my life unexpectedly like this. Nothing really big but always nice to win, especially when it's not expected.

Ron said...

We probably spend $100 or more a week. We just make a lot of visits during the week. Partly because I like to get Bill out of the house for his daily ride and partly because I don't like to have a huge, one time grocery shopping trip. I would rather make many trips with a few items than infrequent trips and a huge, two grocery cart shopping visit.

Ron said...

Always nice to win.

Ron said...

Back Porch Writer,
Yes, a very pleasant surprise especially since I shop at that particular store so often.

Ron said...

You got that right!

Ron said...

You know we're going to win the Big One. It's going to happen Pat!

Unknown said...

Always something, ain't it? I hope they get Bill patched up properly. The two of you take care.


Ron said...

Thank you!