Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More Doctors' Visits

Bill's legs, look better than they actually look in person

Bill and I just returned from the Georgetown VA Outpatient Clinic.  We had a Rapid Access appointment this morning to check why Bill's lower legs are red and purple and swollen. 

Bill sustained a deep gash on his left leg after his endoscopy procedure on July 17th. The hospital said they "didn't do it" but I suspect otherwise. How can I prove it? 

We were hoping the wound would heal it self but alas, it is still draining and Bill's leg looks terrible.

Bill says his leg doesn't hurt (unlike mine which are hurting right now and most of the day) but his legs look terrible. 

As you know Bill's medical care is total VA and you all know how burdensome that can be. But I have to give the VA credit for allowing us to see someone about Bill's condition today.

This morning we had an appointment at 8:30 am. The nurse saw us but Bill's doctor was unable to see us this morning. The nurse asked us if we could stay around until 9:30 in case the doctor's appointment didn't show up.  Alas, the 9:30 appointment showed up.

She then asked us if we could come back today at 1:00 pm.  Of course we can, Bill's legs have to be looked after.  I'm relieved that someone is looking at Bill's legs.  I'm also relieved that we could get in so soon at the VA Outpatient clinic. This is something that wasn't possible just a few months ago.  Dare I say it?  I think Trump is the difference. All I know is that before Trump it would have been months before we could see anyone at the VA.  Now it's one day, even though our appointment has been delayed a few hours. At least someone is seeing us and they seem to care.

And yes, I have another day lost doing my caregiver duties. I got to work tomorrow at the hotel, yet again filling in for a co-worker.  Then my regular shift on Thursday. Maybe I'll be lucky and have the weekend off from caregiver duties and hotel front desk duties.  That would be nice to have some time to myself.  And folks, if you're wondering why I'm not making my regular visits to my favorite blogs, this is why. 

As the new description on my blog says, we're at this time of our life when we're facing multiple medical challenges. 

Again, bring up Bette:


Deedles said...

Getting old isn't for anyone! I'm thinking about opening a pharmacy with all of the meds I'm on. In the meantime, you two keep hanging in there. Big hugs!

Mike, Studio City said...

If the cut/gash happened at the medical center there is no telling what kind of bacteria was there. We certainly hope it gets better fast.

Larry Meredith said...

Always something, ain't it? I hope they get Bill patched up properly. The two of you take care.


Jimmy said...

Is Bill diabetic?

Pudge450 said...

............... hold on .............. I'm pulling myself up off the floor.......... You totally blindsided me with that one. You actually gave Trump credit. I'm impressed.

Ron said...

I have seen a significant change in the VA service which I have to attribute to Trump. However, I still can't stand to see his face on the wall at my local VA Outpatient clinic. This morning, while I was waiting with Bill for his appointment, Bill motioned for me to sit next to him. I told him I couldn't because I would be looking at President Liar, our fake president. He makes my skin crawl.

Ron said...

No, Bill isn't diabetic. Thank goodness.

Ron said...

You know how it is when one's life starts to become dominated by doctors' visits.

Ron said...

It looks like it's healing, thank goodness.

Ron said...

Thanks Deedles!

Pudge450 said...

Ron, I totally agree with you. I hate it when our president lies to us. "You get to keep your doctor. You get to keep your insurance plan. Your premiums will go down $2500 per year." Doggone presidents.