Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bill Gets His New Glasses

Bill tries on his new glasses

It's been a long slog folks, but Bill finally got his new glasses.

Last June Bill failed his eye test for renewing his driver's license. Thus began the long journey to get Bill's license back.

First up was an eye examination. Bill hadn't had one for years (his choice).  His doctor discovered that Bill needed cataract surgery.

Now any of you who have had cataract surgery or know some who has had cataract surgery, you know how long that process is.

We scheduled Bill for cataract surgery in the following months. But then Bill had an emergency room visit. He had ulcers that hemorrhaged. Thus his cataract surgery was delayed, for months. 

Back to "GO."  

Long story short, Bill endured went through the long procedure that is cataract surgery and recovery. Something that is in my future by the way folks.

Last week we made the final visit to Bill's eye doctor and got a prescription for his new glasses. 

We immediately went down to BJ's and ordered new glasses for Bill.

The video below shows the result.

Bill can see!!

Now just to get him used to wearing glasses. Bill is so used to not wearing glasses, he keeps taking his glasses off.  

He wants to get used to the glasses before he takes his eye test to get his driver's license. 

It's looking good folks!


Jane Karwat said...

That's fantastic!

Melissa said...

I am so happy for Bill, and for you.

Jon said...

That is fantastic news! I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for continued good luck. Bill seemed very pleased in the video.

Ron said...

I am so happy for Bill. He's discovering new sights every day like the leaves of trees and blades of grass and especially colorful flowers.

Ron said...

Thank you Melissa. It's been a long road to get here. Bill gave up a couple times, said "forget it" but I kept pushing him on. One of the best things about my later years is that I can help Bill.

Ron said...

He was Jon. The past year he got discouraged, especially all the delays and once he had the surgery, all those eye drops, some of which burned. Finally, we got this done. Now to get him used to wearing glasses. He's not used to wearing glasses and keeps taking them off but when he puts them back on, he likes what he sees.

Larry Meredith said...


It was so amazing after had my cataract surgeries. I couldn't stop walking about just looking at everything, especially colors. My surgeries didn't take all that long, about 15 minutes each. I was there a while, though, until they had my eyes numbed down enough. It wasn''t bad, except I couldn't keep my feet still. Doctor kept telling me to keep them still, but it just kind of happens in these type of situation, my feet got a mind of their own and I can't stop them.


Ur-spo said...

good for Bill !

Raybeard said...

Great, positive development, Ron. Not for the first time I was getting more than a little concerned at a prolonged silence from you, but was hoping that you'd post something like this to show that you're both still 'functioning' normally. And glad to see it being demonstrated in such up-beat fashion. Happy, happy!

WARPed said...

Hooray for Bill!!!



pat888 said...

Ron - I'm in line with all the other commenters. That is terrific news for you both. Bill now has his 4 wheel freedom back and you have a chauffeur when necessary down in Delaware. And I know you had so much to do in the process with all the phone call arrangements with appointments, which often didn't go smoothly - and of course - administering eyedrops for weeks. I don't look forward to cataract surgery. So congratulations to both of you.


Ron said...

My Mother had that same affiliation, shaking her leg. I wonder if she did that during her cataract operations.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
A long time coming!

Ron said...

I have so much going in my life right now. Before I know it several days have gone by and I realized I haven't updated my blog.

Ron said...

Very happy for Bill now Andy. Today he got his driver's license. Even more good news!

Ron said...

I too have cataract surgery in my future that I'm not looking forward too. I'm relieved that Bill's cataract surgery is over and he now has his driver's license and can chauffeur me around.