Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, it finally happened. We got hit with a major winter snowstorm last night. Or, at least what passes for a major winter storm here in lower Delaware. Last night when I went to bed, the sky outside was swirling with millions of perfect white snowflakes. Thank goodness I decided not to meet my friends in Rehoboth Beach for our usual Sunday night outing. I would have been caught in that mess.

Upon awaking this morning, my bedroom was bathed in the bright white light reflecting from the snow covered landscape outside. Looking out my windows, I was reminded of my time in Pennsylvania when many such days greeted me in the wintertime. Not so living in southern Delaware, we rarely get snow and when we do it barely covers the ground. If there is snow, it is usually gone the next day. I have to admit I got perverse delight in calling my Mother and brother in Pennsylvania and brag about missing the snow that they were experiencing. This time we’re both experiencing the joys of snow covered roads. No schadenfreude phone calls to Mom this morning.

I was scheduled to go into work tonight but my co-worker called me this morning and offered to switch shifts with me. This way she wouldn’t have to traverse the dangerous snow and ice covered roads to her home tonight and back again tomorrow morning. Instead she will stay overnight at the hotel. This is one big benefit of working for a hotel. You have a place to sleep if you are snowed in. I remember one year when I worked at the Hampton Inn in Lionville, PA. All the cars in the parking lot were frozen to the ground as a result of an ice storm. I couldn’t get my car out for three days. I lived at the hotel. The only problem is a change of underwear. Then I remember another time when I was stranded at my job when I worked for a bank in center city Philadelphia. There were no commuter trains going out of Philadelphia. I had to stay over night in the bank. Where did I sleep? I weaseled my way into staying at a friend’s house in center city Philly. Either that or sleep on the floor of the bank.

I will admit the snow covered landscape is beautiful. But I don’t miss all those days in Pennsylvania trying to navigate over snow and ice covered roads. That was another advantage of retiring to southern Delaware. We usually miss the brunt of these winter storms. Not this time though, not this time.

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