Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Day After

Well, this is different. This is the day after the Big Winter Snow Storm. It brought back all the old bad memories of living in Pennsylvania. Living through those winters got to be an ordeal the older I got. That was one thing I didn’t miss when I moved to lower Delaware. The snowstorms that hit Pennsylvania almost always missed us down here in Sussex County. If we got anything at all, it was a quick dusting that disappeared the next day. Not this time. We got socked. I heard we got five inches of the white stuff. One thing is for sure, we got a lot more than we usually get.

This morning Bill took me to work at the hotel. My normal shift was last night but Blare called yesterday and asked me to work her shift today while she pulled a 16 hours shift yesterday. This way it would save her a treacherous trip over the snow and ice covered roads of this unprepared county. She slept at the hotel last night. When I worked at the Hampton Inn in Lionville, PA I frequently stayed overnight in the hotel to avoid traveling the dangerous ice covered roads. That is one of the big advantages of working in a hotel you have a place to sleep.

Arriving in Lewes, most of the roads were still snow and ice covered. It is quite obvious that the locals aren’t used to this much snow. The road crews weren’t out to clear the roads. One travels very carefully over such roads.

It was a quiet day at the hotel. Even though there were only a few guests in the hotel, the owner had requested that the breakfast be set out which I did. I never thought I would say this, but I do miss the days when the hotel had more guests and there was a lot more activity. Because of the current economic situation, our occupancy is down significantly. Hopefully things will improve when the weather improves. Spring is less than a month away now.

Bill picked me up after work and we stopped at the Food Lion in Lewes for milk and vegetables for the Tipton/Kelly household larder. I don’t like the Food Lion in Lewes; it’s too hard to get into and customers are an odd mix of eccentric women and self-important retirees. I usually shop at the Food Lion in Milton. The store is cleaner, easier to get into and has a quicker check out. I prefer the customers at the Milton Food Lion; they’re in my stratosphere, down to earth. In other words, they’re poor like me. To top everything off, when I got home I found that my gallon of 2% milk was leaking. I wasn't surprised. Same thing happened last time I got milk from that Food Lion.

On the way in the development where we live, I spied causality of the snowstorm, one of my neighbor’s cars stuck in the swale. They didn’t make the driveway. Probably couldn’t see the driveway at night with all that snow swirling around. I’m glad that wasn’t me. I was going to go out with friends for our usual Sunday night foray into Rehoboth Beach and the Purple Parrot restaurant. I opted out when I heard the forecast. I’ve traveled at night in a snowstorm before and it isn’t fun. It’s like driving blindfolded. That car ditched in the swale could very easily have been me. Thank you Jesus.

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