Friday, March 20, 2009

Pooped Out

So how am I managing working only one night a week at the hotel? Not surprisingly, my activities have easily filled in that time. Sure, I would prefer working my previous two nights a week schedule (Mondays and Thursdays 3 to 11 PM.) It was a schedule which I constructed my week around. The money I earned from this part time job paid my monthly mortgage payments with enough left over to treat myself to a couple of dine out nights with friends. Now I will have to watch my expenses much more closely.

However, the upside is that I now have more time to myself and with friends. Also, the many activities I used to miss on Thursday nights are now available to me. Last night I attended a local production of a revue of Cole Porter music. Prior to my hours being reduced at the hotel, I wasn’t able to do things like this. Last week Bill and I attended a dinner at a friend’s house. With my old schedule, we weren't able to accept dinner invitations on Thursday nights.

The past few days have been very busy. Yesterday I cleaned out flower beds. While cleaning out the beds I noticed that the bluebirds have returned. They’re getting it sorted out now who will occupy the bluebird house. I'm looking forward to the purple martins returning. Their scout should be here any day now. That's when I will know spring has officially arrived.

Yesterday I dropped my car of at a local garage for an overhaul. I just passed 111,000 miles on my 98 Subaru Forester. Briefly I considered purchasing a new car but decided against it when the dealer I visited only wanted to give me $1,600 in a trade in when the Bluebook value is $3,800. That ended my consideration of doing a trade in. I picked up my red Subaru this morning. As expected, the bill was large. However, it is a lot cheaper than buying a new car. If I can make 200,000 on this car, I will consider myself well ahead of the game.

This morning Bill and I dug up three azalea plants from the front of the house and gave them to a friend. Bill and I love annual flowers in the front of the house so there was no room for the trio of red azalea plants. They will have a new happy home with our friend. Now to find a home for the two gardenia plants who haven't lived up to expectations in the front of our house.

Today is the first day of spring but you wouldn’t know it by the temperature (30’s). We’ve had a couple of teases with the spring like weather but today apparently isn’t one of them. The sun is out now so hopefully the temperatures will rise with the warmth of the sun. These cold days are on borrowed time. Spring is just around the corner!

My census training is to start next week. I was told I would be attended classes for a week from 9 to 5 PM. What I haven’t been told is where these classes will take place. A friend of mine who is a local census taker in Pennsylvania told me that he was told those classes will take place in Philadelphia. If that is the case, this is one potential census taker who won’t be going to Philadelphia. I hope that’s not the case but I don’t have a good feeling about this. If I don’t take the job I will have more time for my yard work. That’s not a bad alternative. I love working in my garden. I may have less money this year but believe me, I won’t be sad. I’ll just be spending more time at home. And that would be a good thing. I love my home and back yard. I'm good.


  1. Glad you were able to use one of the 'cats' I sent you for the photo'.

    I see you've removed the Billy Tipton link; that surprised me - such good music, and with the tribute to you and Bill as well as Tipton's life, I figured it complimented your blog.

    I don't see Tim's blog as a link any more either nor Doug's. I have an rss feed to Tims', but he doesn't post much. I don't have Doug's link, so can't see how he's progressed with his blog-building.

    Glad you've got more free time; hope you're able to take the census job to replace the hotel job (and of course your hours might increase once things pick up for the summer months).

  2. I'll be using more of the "cats' pictures that you sent. Thanks for sending them.

    I removed the two "Tipton" blog links to make this one cleaner. Upon your recommendation though, I'm adding them back. Tim doesn't update his blog but it is still of interest. And of course your blog tribute to Billy Tipton is a gem. I didn't intend to remove that one. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


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