Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back From PA

Around 12:30 today I arrived back home from PA. I had a good two days in PA. Tuesday night was the first meeting of our 50th high school class reunion committee meeting at Carole’s house in Honeybrook. It was good to see the old classmates again. Our reunion date is set at October 17th, 2009 at the Whitford Country Club in Downingtown, PA. Pat W. and I are the “artistic” members of the reunion committee. We’re responsible for the reunion booklet. I’m also responsible for maintaining the address list and printing the reunion booklet.

Last night Carole and I met at the Brickside Grill for Trivia Night. Carole’s friend Sheila arrived later along with Ben B. I haven’t seen Sheila for a couple of years, since I sold my house in PA and moved to Delaware. We only had four members last night. We decided to call our team “What Happened to My 401K?” Even with a reduced team (we had six members last month), we still managed to come in third. Still, we (at least I did) had a great time. I enjoy these outings with friends. Also, it gives me a chance to do something with all the trivia I have accumulated in my head these past 67 years.

Yesterday was also a good day because I took my Mom to visit her sister at the Simpson Meadows Nursing Home. Even though my Aunt Jeanette has dementia, I think some part of her still recognized her sister and her nephew when we paid our afternoon visit yesterday afternoon. My Mom also seemed to cheer up noticeably. I will have to take her to visit her sister more often. It’s good to her Mom out and I think that it also has to be good for Aunt Jeanette. She will be 91 years old tomorrow, Friday March 13th.

My longtime good friend Bill and his wife offered me the use of their spare guest bedroom which I took advantage of. They have a lovely home and made feel right at home. Even their two cats didn’t seem to put out to have a bearded houseguest in their midst.

I also had a chance to visit my Aunt Mabel and Cousin Bud (her son who takes care of her.) I returned some old pictures she had loaned me for my genealogy research. All went well. I have no complaints at all about the trip. Perhaps the only thing was that it was cloudy the two days I visited. The sun didn’t come out until this morning when I left. Even though I had a wonderful visit it was still good to come home Delaware. All the years I lived in Pennsylvania, I can truthfully say that Delaware is truly my home.

The day was topped of by dinner at my friend Bob C.’s house tonight. Bill and I were met by our other “Bob” friend, Big Bob. We know a lot of Bob’s down here. Our good neighbor is another Bob. Bob M. Bob, Bob, Bob.

Normally I would be working at the hotel tonight but my hours were cut back. Instead of working Monday and Thursday nights, I only work Monday nights now. That’s just fine with me; it gives me more time to enjoy my life. I’ll say it again, I am very fortunate to have the life I have now. I am blessed with good health and good friends. For that I am very thankful.


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