Monday, March 23, 2009

Diet Time

After dinner yesterday at the Rehoboth Diner, I was stuffed to the gills with Eggplant Parmesan. In addition to the main course, I also had a side order of French fries. Usually I can get away with this diet and not put on weight. But something interesting has been happening the past few weeks since my hours were cut back at the Inn. I started to put on weight. I can tell; my pants start shrinking. Same thing happened when I was in between jobs back in 2001 when I left the Hampton Inn. In that three month interval until I started my new job at the First Financial Bank, all my clothes seemed to shrink. However, after starting working my weight dropped. I think what the problem is that I’m finding solace in food. I was bored and food is my friend. I been through this routine before.

My weight is now 170 lbs. My height is 6’3”. I used to be 6’4” but I’ve shrunk over the years. I’m most comfortable with a weight of 155 to 160. When I hit 170 I’m uncomfortable. When I graduated from high school in 1959 by weight was 160 lbs. The most I ever weighed was 202. I hit that weight as a result of inactivity from my series of operations in 1959 for a staph infection. It took me about a year to get my weight down to 160 which I did mainly by avoiding bread and ice cream. Over the years my weight has fluctuated from 145 (too low) to 180 (too much.) I’m at a weight now that I am not comfortable. This is the time to make changes. No more cheesy dishes. One thing I can do is exercise self discipline to lose weight. Watch me. The pounds will melt away over the next few weeks.

This is going to be a busy week. Tonight I work at the Inn. Tomorrow I shoot up Rt. 1 to Dover to the dentist to get fitted for a new partial (“Getting old isn’t for sissies.”) Wednesday is my semi-annual medical checkup appointment at the Georgetown VA Medical Center. Of course (Murphy’s Law here) I was asked to come into work that same day of my VA appointment. It never fails. I can make an appointment six months into the future and without fail someone will call me from work two days before my appointment and ask if I can work for them that day.

Last year I planned to attend the Polka Festival at the Rehoboth Convention Center. I knew about it nine months in advance. I warned every one at work that I wouldn't be available that week. So, sure as rain, one of the front desk clerks becomes pregnant and I'm working full time that week in September. Never fails.

This past weekend was very productive. I finally moved all those orphan daffodils from the former site of a house at the end of the lane behind my property. I meant to move them last year but I waited too long. By the time I was ready to move them in July, they had disappeared below a tangle of weeds and vines. I didn’t make that mistake this year. I’m always reluctant to move daffodils that are in their full, fresh, yellow bloom. I was very careful to dig up a big enough ball of dirt around the roots that didn’t disturb the daffodils. I was successful and those daffodils now have a new home by my front door. Spring just isn’t spring without a fresh bunch of yellow daffodils dancing in the brisk wind.

An unusual occurrence this morning happened with the morning light coming through the front door. Through a combination of the early morning sunlight reflecting off of the hallway mirror onto the column in the sunroom, a rainbow appeared. Was this a sign from Above? “Angels in America” maybe? Ever ready for an opportunity to take an unusual picture, I asked Bill to take my picture with the rainbow over my face. And just like that, the rainbow was gone. I can’t help but think that something good is in the future from Ron. Maybe I finally will win the Powerball.

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