Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Census Training - Day Two

Now I have a headache. Talk about overload. Plus, I realized that the old biddy who chose to sit next to me on Monday is putting the moves on me. While I’m trying to listen to the instructor, this one is talking to me. Then she asks me a question about something the instructor said. So I’m getting stereo sound. The instructor is talking in one ear and Miss On The Make is talking in the other ear. She wasn’t taking any hints so I finally had to get rude and ignore her. I think she got the message. She turned our seat so the back was to me then she left early.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to put up with this kind of nonsense. I probably got lulled into a sense of compliancy living in Gayberry (AKA Rehoboth Beach area.) Many of the women down here are either gay themselves or know that I am gay. Miss Marple today obviously doesn’t know I’m gay. This reminds me of all the years I commuted on the train back and forth to Philadelphia from Downingtown (eleven years) and would frequently have female passengers sit next to me and attempt to talk to me even as I had my Walkman earphones one. Did any nice looking guys ever sit next to me? Not really. Only when there were no other seats and then they would get up and move as soon as another seat was available. But the women? The train could be almost empty and one would invariable plop herself down next to me and try and start a conversation. I don’t miss those days. Talk about harassment.

Day Two of Census address verification training didn’t go as well today. My HCC (Hand Held Computer) refused to connect to the Internet. Thus, my crew leader had to take me outside the metal church building where we are housed to try and get a signal. We finally got one. However, by the time I returned inside the classroom, I was already behind in the lessons. Attempting to catch up, my HCC froze again. Just like old times here at home with this computer. Good old Mr. Softee (Bill Gates and Windows) came through again. I had to go back to my crew leader and another trip outside. This time she called the Help desk. I could hear the conversation on the speaker cell phone. It wasn’t India. That was a good sign. The problem was solved by resetting (rebooting) the HCC. Back in side to Old Lady On The Make. She decided to leave early. Good, don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out.

This census address canvassing job looks interesting. There is a lot to learn in just a few days then the pressure is on. Our job has to be completed by Memorial Day. I have to juggle my new census job with my regular job at the Inn. Of course as luck would have it I’m scheduled to work at the Inn this Saturday. This morning the regional Census manager came into our training group and announced that he would like all of us to start this Saturday. He would pay us overtime, which is time and a half. Unfortunately I can’t take him up on his offer as generous as it is because I am working Saturday 7 to 3. I’m also working Monday 7 to 3. Nice way to start of my new Census job. I talked to my crew leader and she said I can work around those hours. I have a feeling the next two months are going to be crazy. One good thing, tomorrow is the last day I have to put up with Spider Woman.


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Hi Ron,

    Your post gave me a good laugh this morning...*smiles*. I hope you don't consider me an "old lady on the make," "a Miss Marple," or "Spider Woman!". Come to think of it I am an old lady that's going to be 60 in July. Thanks for reminding me..lol.
    Anyway, I just ejoy your blog. Sounds like you have a busy spring coming up. Try & take some time for yourself.
    Have a great day!


  2. Somehow someone else took over my domain address. I have had to switch Night Writing in the Morning Light to a new name which is http://nightwritinglem.blogspot.com/

    Please read yourself as a follower on my reconstructed Blog site. Thanks.

    I am still reconstructing. If you use the old name of www.nitewrit.net you will get some real estate site. I have nothing to do with this site or company.

    Larry E.

  3. Lar,

    Sorry to hear that someone hijacked your domain name. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  4. Fran,

    No, I certainly do not consider you an "old lady on the make." I've already been chastised by one friend for painting with too broad of a brush. I've had old men bother me too but that was a long time ago when I was young and pretty. She's probably not on the make but she is out to make friends, which I don't fault her. It's just that she doesn't pay attention to the instructor, is constantly fidgeting with her purse and talking and then when she misses something she asks me what's going on. She's very disruptive and I don't understand why she is even at the class if she's so bored. I assumed she was putting the moves on me because she zeroed in on where I was sitting and sat and just starred at me for an uncomfortable length of time until I looked back, raised my eyebrows to says "What?" Move on lady, there's nothing happening here.

  5. Ron, thanks for your detailed accounts. I've been stewing and gnashing my teeth about starting Census enumerator training tomorrow, but feel much better now. Thanks to you I'm going in with an upbeat, can-do attitude! The trainer just called, and he's a good guy, and funny. I'll try the seat-nearest-the-door strategy, to avoid Spiderman or chatty Miss Marple, but our group is an even split between men/women so it should be safe. I'll bet it's grumpy, old, unemployed Wisconsinites. Good luck with the next adventure. Maybe someday we'll need to know where those caves are, and this will all have been worthwhile. -- Eve

  6. Eve,

    I wish you much good luck on your census job. It is a very important job. If I didn't have my part-time job I probably would have stayed with it. One thing is for sure, you will not be bored.



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