Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off to Pennsylvania

I'm leaving today for Pennsylvania for a 50th class reunion committee meeting of my Downingtown High School Class of 1959. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am THAT old. Maybe in my body but not in my mind. We're meeting tonight at my former classmate Carole's home in Honeybrook, PA.

Tomorrow night we will indulge in Trivia Night again at the Brickside Grill. A few weeks ago we attended our first trivia night since I moved in November of 2006. We almost won! We only missed by one point. I should never have changed the answer to "What pet did John Quincy Adams keep in the White House?" Judy, another former classmate, had the correct answer: crocodile. At the last moment I changed that answer to "snake." Just goes to show that I don't know ALL the answers. Lesson learned.

I'll be staying with another former classmate's home and my best friend during my high school years, Bill B. I'm still pleasantly surprised that I have kept up my relationships with some of my former classmates. It's like we never left school at all. Of course we are much wiser now. No regrets through, I wouldn't want to do the last 50 years over again. Sooooo much water over the dam. Do I have any regrets? Maybe a few but again, all Lessons Learned. Part of the process of living the Life. We each have our Life's Journey mapped out for us. I'm just thankful I have one more day on this earth.

As the days dwindle down to a precious few (doesn't that sound like the lyrics to a familiar song?), I appreciate the miracle that is life on this earth. Our bodies may have more aches and pains, we may have more wrinkles, maybe we can't hear or see as well, and maybe the economy is going down a sinkhole but we have our friends. That is the treasure that life brings to us. For that I will be forever thankful. Riches like this money can't buy.


  1. Ron,

    Could you identify those in the picture. Is it Don with Bill in a headlock? Then Frank. Whose the other boy?


  2. This is a picture from our Junior Classs trip to Gettysburg in 1958. From left to right, Don "Buddy" White (star quarterback on our football team), Glenn Mull (his older brother Donnie Mull had our paper route before we had it - small world), Frank Marcocci (class president) and Francis "Franny" Henderson (another football player who just happens to live up the road from where I'm typing this at my Mother's computer on Hopewell Road, Downingtown, PA)

    They were posing for someone else's picture I took advantage of the pose and snap one for myself. I wish I had taken more on the class trip but I was so shy back then. I missed so many opportunities for good pictures.

  3. Ron,

    Yeah, I had recognized Don Whoite and Frank Marcocci, as you could see in my initial comment. I wasn;t certain who Don had a hold up because he is partially hidden and at an odd angle, You had mentioned Bill Brookover, so I though maybe it was him. I knew Glenn Mull, but probably wouldn't have guessed him. Franny Henderson used to be a friend of mine and I always felt bad because he was never invited to my house because he was black. My parents threw a surprise birthday party for me when we were in East Ward and invited all my classmates, except the black kids. I was pretty angry about that. I had a couple of friends among the black kids, Like Franny and Gracie. There were several white kids at my party I disliked intensely. What stupidity we have when we consider people on a minor physical difference. I delivered to his house on my route and I believe they got the Saturday Evening Post, the only ones who I delivered a magazine to. I don't remember ever seeing his parents. His grandmother was always asking me in. She seemed a nice lady. I didn't recognize him in the photo. I remember him as thinner when I knew him, but that was in junior high.


  4. Bill and I were at the class reunion committee meeting last night at Carole Turner's house in Honeybrook. You will remember some of these folks who also attended the meeting:
    Denny Myers
    Iva Darlington (with her husband Olin Siever)
    Judy Baldwin and Bruce Nixdorf
    Mary Jane Sabellico Esworthy
    Pat West (you probably don't know her)
    Cookie Siebert Pannebaker

    The reunion is going to be at the Whitford Country Club on October 17th. You're welcome to attend if you want too. All are welcome.

    Franny Henderson attended the 35th reunion. I haven't seen him since.


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