Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Night Outing

The tourist season is over and now it is time for our friends to get together again. This evening we met at the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach. Attendees included Wayne, Paul, Jack, John, Jack, Bob and me. Last year Wayne and I began this tradition by meeting at the Purple Parrot on Sunday night for the prime rib special. That meeting grew to include Bob and Harvey (who didn't attend tonight because he was on one of his many cruises), Paul and Jack. Newcomers John and Jack (another Jack) joined the group tonight. All are welcome. It's ironic that this late in our lives that we have all formed this camaraderie. This is quite different from when I first used to go out to gay bars. Back in "the day" it was all about cruising. It was about sexual encounters. Not now. And maybe that is a good thing. Friendship is so much more important now. My brother belong to a large fundamentalist church in Greenville, South Carolina. He and his church members always refer to their "fellowship." I visited his church once. I have to admit that I was somewhat envious of the "fellowship" that he and his fellow parishioners (he was one of the pastors) enjoyed. Of course I couldn't enjoy the same fellowship because I was gay. That was made abundantly clear to me by his pastor during his sermon. This area of Rehoboth Beach has become a retirement Mecca for many gay men and women of the nearby states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Many of the friends at tonight gathering attend the local All Saints Church in Rehoboth. I remember so well in my younger days when I used to hit the gay bars on the weekends in Philadelphia. Back then the goal was all about scoring (meeting another guy for a sexual encounter.) Those days are long past. Now friendship is more important (at least to me.) There was a bar up that Philadelphia street called Maxine's. It was known among us young gay guys as a "wrinkle bar." A bunch of old queens. Well, guess what? All the attendees of tonight's get together are over 50. Some of us are over 60. Well, I guess that's us now. Now here is a fact. I'm enjoying life more than ever now. Way more than I did in my glory days. Life is good.

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