Thursday, October 23, 2008

Find a Grave

Recently, while enmeshed in my Tipton genealogy research, my cousin Tim Tipton from Tennessee told me about the web site Find A I checked it out and now I have a new passion. I've always loved roaming through graveyards, searching for family member headstones. I envy Tim, because he lives in Tennessee where there are literally thousands of Tiptons buried in that area of the country. Here in Pennsylvania, I have a much more limited number of Tiptons. However, I also have many members of my Mother's side of my family, the Hadfields, Hickmans, and Weavers. Now that I'm living in Delaware, my search for family members is severely limited. I doubt if I can find any of my family in the area where I live, Sussex County, Delaware. I've checked the phone book and I see where there are some Tiptons. I'll have to give them a call and find out if any of them know of their ancestors. That is another field of genealogy research that I have to plow. I get not a small amount of pleasure knowing that I have that task that I can look forward to doing in the future. After my father's death in 2000, I purchased my grave plot at the Northwood Cemetery in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. At one time in my life I had decided to be cremated. However, since discovering the richness of history in researching my family history through grave yard searches, I decided that I didn't want to disappear from history when I died. I selected a plot on the side of a hill overlooking the valley that the town of Downingtown, Pennsylvania is located. As my Mother has said, you always want a grave site with a good view.

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