Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Letter To A Friend

Below is a letter (e-mail) I sent to a long time friend this morning in reference to our disagreement on which presidential candidate to vote for this year. Most of all my friends and all of my family disagree with my choice to vote for Barack Obama for president. Most of them have one thing in common: they are from my previous life (before I retired to Delaware.) Most of my friends in Delaware have the same political view that I have - liberal. Much of my view has to do with me being a gay man. Since my former political party has made me unwelcome in their party by word and action, I had to join the Democratic party by default. This action on my part has put me into disagreement with all of my family and most of my friends from Pennsylvania and my workplaces. This morning I received an e-mail from a good friend (and former boss) which states simply: "We'll have to agree to disagree who we vote for president." However, that doesn't mean that we can't remain friends. I guess I fall into the old Tip O'Neill/Ronald Reagan mode. They disagreed almost always on politics but remained good friends. That's the way it will be with me and my friends.

Hi Ron,

Re the upcoming election, we'll have to agree to disagree on our voting for president.


Yes, we disagree. Obama represents change that this country needs. McCain is the past. He is too old. He has run a very negative campaign which turned off a lot of independent voters. However, he did solidify The Conservative Base of the Republican Party by picking Sarah Palin. By choosing Sarah Palin he forfeited his experience argument against Obama. He also displayed a shocking display of cynicism by choosing Palin, assuming all the former Hillary voters would now vote for Palin just because she is a woman. McCain doesn't have the temperament to be president. It seems to me he is always on the verge of exploding in a temper tantrum. Obama is the inclusive candidate. McCain is the divisive candidate. I will vote for the candidate who considers all of America "American." I will not vote for candidates who view only some parts of the country as "pro-American." The one good thing that will come out of this election is that the Republican Party in it's present form will disappear. Hopefully, a new Republican Party, the one I used to belong to, will be reborn. Remember, back in 1968, I wrote my college thesis on "The Emerging Republican Majority." At the time I wrote that thesis I never believed in my lifetime that I would see a Republican majority in Congress. I was wrong. In the year 2000 a Republican was elected president and Republicans were elected to the majority of both houses of Congress. Unfortunately, they squandered their opportunity to lead this country in a new direction. To paraphrase one of my all time heroes, Ronald Reagan, "The Republican Party left me, I didn't leave them." I am confident that the election of Barack Obama will set this country on a new course that is beneficial to us all. To all my Republican friends I say, have no fear. In my heart I knew this country was going on the wrong track with the elections of 2000. I was proven right. In my heart I know that the election of Barack Obama is right for this country as we go forward. If we are fortunate enough to still be around eight years from now, you will see that I am right again. I am puzzled as to how many of the well paid political pundits and personalities in the media today get it wrong. I'm just a struggling 66 year old former bank trust operations manager who now works part time as a hotel front desk clerk to make ends met. I "get it." Most of my friends from my former life (before I moved to Delaware) and some of my new friends here in Delaware are voting for McCain/Palin. It will always be a puzzlement to me why you don't see what I see but I still love and respect all of you. We may disagree but we are closer than you think. We're all in this together. Peace be with you and don't forget to vote next Tuesday!

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