Monday, October 20, 2008

Go Phillies!

Go Phillies! I know, I know. I'm being very provincial here. But hey, I've been a Phillies fan since the Fifties! And as a long suffering Phillies fan I've been through the ups and downs (many) of the Phillies baseball team. The worst time was back in 1964 when the Phillies only needed one game to win the pennant and they lost every game at the end of the season. That's when I lost interest in the Phillies. I regained that interest again when they won the World Series in 1980. That was Nirvana for me. My life was complete. The Phillies won the World Series! I remember exactly where I was when Tug McGraw struck out the last Toronto Blue Jay. I was in my fourth floor apartment on 2200 block of Spruce Street in center city Philadelphia. After Tug whiffed out that last Blue Jay, a tremendous cheeer erupted from all those apartments along Spruce Street. I looked out my window and I saw Phillies fans streaming out of their apartments into the streets. It was wonderful! I had never experienced this feeling before and I was sure I never would again. However, I wouldn't mind experiencing another Phillies World Series win.

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nitewrit said...


I did a post dedicated to you on my Write On Blog for your Phillies Phandom in the Phifties. Don't know if you still read me or not. Are you out photographing tombstones? I use to do that a lot, me and my daughter.