Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Sweet Song

The stock market is down, the presidential campaign is descending further in the gutter because of the McCain/Palin dishonest, angry and negative campaign tactics, and increasing concern about my Mother's health weigh heavily on me. However, the new day dawned at my beautiful home here in southern Delaware. Last night I had a good long conversation with my fellow genealogist and friend from Tennessee. We talked well into the night. In fact it was 1:30 AM in the morning before we realized what time it was. In addition to being a distant cousin (our common ancestor is our great-great-great-great grandfather "Major" Jonathan Tipton 1750-1833) we also have the same political views and sexual orientation. We have a lot in common. My cousin brought up the subject of Billy Tipton, a jazz musician who lived her life as a man. He told me how a few years ago Billy Tipton's adopted son called him about information as to how he was related to the Tipton family. Ironically, the son was adopted by Billy Tipton so he actually isn't a blood relation. I brought to the attention of my cousin that a friend of mine who helped me add music to my blog, has a blog dedicated solely to Billy Tipton. It was nice to get away from the concern about the stock market and the angry tone of the presidential campaign and to enjoy fellowship and camaraderie with a fellow genealogist and friend. As bad as things get in the world, there are always those jewels of life such as my cousin and fellow genealogist friend in Tennessee and my helpful fellow blogger from out west. Good health and a long and happy life to both of you my dear friends!

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This was a stunning story; Billy could have probably had a child 'naturally', but then her secret would have been discovered, so she adopted - wonderful!!!!

Most people call me a skilled pianist; others call me a 'great piano player'...all of it 'fits', and as I look at the smile on Billy's face while her hands rest so comfortably on the piano, I know she found nothing but true joy in her music. Just think - had she been born in this era, she could have proudly joined other musicians as a beautiful woman....things have changed haven't they....

I wish I'd been able to join you for that late-night talk; it truly will be a memory you'll never forget and forever cherish.

Loved those butterflies too....

Hey, and I just helped another guy in Missouri put music on his blog this past week-end; he's tickled 'pink' (just as you were/are), because he said he'd never have music on a blog, then after visiting a few of mine, he started a brand new blog just so he could include music!!!!

See, MUSIC RULES THE WORLD and speaks in every language! Have a good week, Ron. Diane