Saturday, October 11, 2008

Visit By The Monarchs

The last few days I have noticed that my butterfly bushes have been visited by two monarch butterflies. My butterfly bushes must be on the flyway for these beautiful creatures of nature. they certainly are welcome visitors to my garden since my birds have long gone to their winter home. The weather this fall so far has been exceptionally beautiful. Earlier today I was outside, trimming the grass around the plantings that line my back yard. My home in Pennsylvania I had twenty five years to build a backyard wildlife habitat for my friends in nature. With my new home here in Delaware I literally started with a blank slate. Almost one acre of open horse pasture. This is my second year at my retirement home in Delaware. Only two years into building my new backyard habitat and already I have a wide variety of visitors from my friends in nature. Some of these visitors are the same as I had in my Pennsylvania and some are different. Here in my Delaware backyard habitat I do not have nuthatches, cardinals, finches or wrens. However, I do have swallows and purple martins. Catbirds, robins, and house sparrows populate both locations. One beautiful creature of nature that I do not have down here in Delaware that I had an abundance of in Pennsylvania are deer. As beautiful as the deer are, they can stay in Pennsylvania. I couldn't have many plants because they invariably ate just about everything I grew. The deer were voracious. I not only built my backyard habitat for my friends in nature but also as a refuge from me. With all that goes on in the world today, I find the best antidote for me is my personal backyard oasis. During my six week stint of working full time at the Inn, my backyard was neglected. I've just about caught up on all my trimming and weeding. My gardens and grass are in fine order now. However, I must admit it was a bit lonely without visitors. That's why I was so glad to the two monarch butterflies that have been visiting my backyard the past week. I fear they won't be here too long though. I fully expect them to leave shortly for warmer environs south. I will miss them.


  1. Hey, Ron,

    I like butterflies, but never thought about them until this post of yours. It made me curious because I thought something different than you said and so I looked up Monarchs. You were right, of course, but I learned a lot about these pretty bugs I didn't know, which is kind of embarrassing since I once wanted to be an entomologist and did a lot of studying of bugs.

    Thanks for being such a nature expert.

  2. A local garden center man made me aware of the different types of butterflies and their migratory patterns. The Monarchs that were in my backyard are on their way to Mexico. I'm glad I was about to provide a stopover feeding station for them. Hopefully, my large population of praying mantises are otherwise occupied.


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