Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Harvest Is In

Last August, while shopping at my local Ace Hardware, I spotted a forlorn six pack of plum tomato plants on a rack in their garden department. I don't have a vegetable garden but I do have several raised flower beds. Looking at that dried out six pack of young tomato plants, I thought "why don't I rescue these orphan plants?" I think the pack cost me .75 cents. A minimal amount. In fact, they might have even given them to me for free. I planted those six plants behind my zinnias, marigolds and herb plants. It wasn't too long until these six orphan plants grew into large, vigorous healthy tomato plants, covered with yellow blossoms. Now I'm reaping the harvest, at least 100 plum tomatoes. I'm here to tell you nothing tastes as good as one's own home grown tomatoes. If there is any problem, it is that they all are ripening at the same time. I'm inundated with bright red, plump plum tomatoes. Already I've made several batches of homemade tomato sauce. Again, does anything taste as good as your own tomato sauce? Nothing! For lunch I had some over rotini. For dinner, I browned cut up boneless chicken breast in olive oil and garlic. After browning, I put in half a cup of sauterne wine and cooked it down, incorporating the browned bits of deliciousness from the saute pan. I put some of that tomato sauce in the pan with the browned chicken and reduced pan bit and viola! A sumptuous Chicken Ron!

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