Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Snow Storm

The last three weeks the East Coast has been hit with three Nor'easters in a row.  Here in Lower Slower (Sussex County, Delaware) we missed the snow of the first two Nor'easters. However, we just got the tail end of yesterday's Nor'easter.  Yes, more snow. 

Folks, I'm getting where I hate snow. Pretty to look at from inside our comfortable and warm home, but to travel in it?  No way. Of course my big fear is falling and injuring myself. Then there is also the fear of an auto accident.  

Palm Springs if looking better all the time folks. But I'm going to stay here as long as Bill and I are together. I would never subject Bill to another move.  Plus, I do love our home here and I am very comfortable. But I have to tell you folks, I am SO tired of snow. I can see where old folks like me seek warmer climes to spend our declining year. I don't need this dangerous snow. Brings back too many bad memories of when I fell on the ice two years ago and tore my quadricep muscle in my left leg.  I was out of commission for three months. Thank God Bill was here or else I would have ended up in a rehab center. 

Yes folks, I have to get out of this danger.  This latest snow storm is just a reminder.

Me and Pat in Palm Springs last month, nary a snow flake in sight


nitewrit said...


Actually we had four nor'easters in the last three weeks.


pat888 said...

Wow Ron - very pretty. Having had snow all my life I enjoy it - but not when prolonged. And as our cities get larger with more heat produced it seems snow on the ground is getting less and less. But Palm Springs sure is inviting. I spoke to someone today who travels there in August and says the heat isn't that bad at all. And very nice on top of Mt Jacinta.



Ron said...

I stand corrected Lar.

Ron said...

The snow is gone this morning. I hope this is the last of the snow this year. I'm looking forward to visiting Palm Springs this summer. Let's do it!

Ur-spo said...

I remember snow in March (especially late March) was as unwelcome as Sherman in Georgia.