Friday, March 02, 2018

The Price is Right! Part One

Me and Pat make believe whooping it up before a green screen. The Price is Right show takes these photos of every member of the audience. You an buy the photo for $20, which I do of course.

February 12th, was our fourth appearance at the taping of "The Price is Right" TV game show.

Again, we weren't called to "Come one down!" by George the announcer. But again, we had a lot of fun the four hours that we spent at the show, most of it in line.

This time I took videos of us standing in line outside. The previous shows I didn't take videos because you have to turn in your iPhones and cameras before you go into the studio. I didn't want to take that chance of losing my expensive iPhone. As it was, I still had to turn in my Apply watch. 

This year I took my iPod to take pictures and videos while in line. One thing we always meet the nicest people in line from all parts of the country. This year was no exception. We met "Jen"  and her daughter "Jacquelyn" from Texas. 

Me and Pat with new friends we met in line at "The Price is Right", Jen and Jacquelyn from Texas

In past years we've been good luck to folks we met in line. Both times the people we talked to were called to "come on down." Unfortunately for Jen and Jacquelyn they weren't called. I wish they were called.

Getting on The Price is Right show security is tighter than TSA getting on airplanes. Here is a show official passing out the forms we have to fill out before we can go on the show. All well organized.

Price is Right employee handing out release forms for all os us to fill out, that's Pat to the right of the picture and our friends Jen and Jacquelyn

Here is a few videos of the seeming chaos of the line of three hundred plus folks waiting to attend one of the two tapings a day of "The Price is Right".

I'll post more about "The Price is Right" on my next blog posting!


Deedles said...

You two are completely nuts, but I love how you have so much fun!

Raybeard said...

Is it that this particular show has special appeal or are the tickets just easier to obtain? Although I'm all for having 'fun' in one's own way, it just seems that your going for mass-appeal entertainment like this seems slightly out of character for you. Maybe it's akin to 'letting your hair down' - like a fairground ride, perhaps?

Back Porch Writer said...

Love it! I had been looking for your posts to see how your trip was - then I got busy. Looks like fun. Love that photo of you all looking like you are on the show. Good facial expressions!

pat888 said...

Ron - I'm not worried about getting on the show. I'd be an idiot up there. Maybe we should attend Family Feud next time.


Ron said...

You are exactly right! We (me and Pat) are completely nuts but we always have fun, no matter what the circumstances.

Ron said...

I've been watching "The Price is Right" since I've been a teenager, thus I have a special fondness for this show. Plus, so many of my friends watch it and I would love to get up on the stage and say "Hi!" to them before I spin the big wheel. The tickets are easy to obtain but so are the tickets for just about any TV show. We saw several other TV shows where we could have went but this is the only one I like because the camera zooms out over the audience during the show. The audience is part of the show unlike the other TV shows which rarely show the audience. Plus, we always have fun when we're at "The Price is Right." It's a party!

Ron said...

Back Porch Righter,
We love attending this show every year. It's a tradition with us now.

Ron said...

I would love to be on Family Feud but first we would have to get a family! Big hurdle!

Jon said...

I love the top photo (and your t shirts). Glad you made it to The Price is Right again. It's amazing that the show is still so popular after all these years. It's been on TV as long as I can remember.

Ron said...

I thought those custom made T-shirts by Pat would get us on the show. Alas, it didn't work. Thinking up a design for next year's visit. I've been watching "The Price is Right" since I was a kid, when Bob Barker had brown hair.