Friday, March 23, 2018

Snow Gone!

The snow is gone!  

Sunny this morning but still way too cold for spring. Man oh man, come on nice spring weather.

Folks, I'm trying mightily not to comment on the current political situation with our disastrous commander in chief who is nothing more than a small minded criminal bully. After his actions yesterday our country is in greater danger than ever. But you know what really concerns me folks? The Congressional Republican leadership which refuses to do anything to perform their Constitutional responsibility and check the excesses of the Executive branch (the president) of government. This is all I'm going to say about this subject in this blog but I had to get this off my chest.

Bill and I are settled in here for the coming warm weather of spring. Sometimes I wonder if that warm weather will ever come. I still have 29 bags of mulch to lay, which I'm going to do as soon as I finish this blog posting.

Pat and I are discussing visiting Palm Springs this summer. Usually we go once a year in February but since Pat brought a condo in Palm Springs, we thought it would be interesting to visit and see what summer is like in Palm Springs. I suspect it will be HOT but we would like to experience just how hot it will be. Remember, Palm Springs is in my future plans to move, should I live into my 80's and am the sole survivor here at our Delaware home. Each year, the cold weather bothers me more plus it's dangerous for me, I fear falling on ice again. I never want to go through what I went through three years ago when I fell and tore my quadricep muscle in my left leg.

Time to get up out of this chair now and go lay some mulch. 

Have a great day!


Deedles said...

Palm Springs, huh? My sister used to live in Indio, 23 miles east of Palm Springs. I always envied the fact that they had a pool, until my nephew told me that during the summer months you jump in, add potatoes and veggies and you have people stew! Triple digits are the average temperatures in the summer. In other words, HOT! I suppose a person can get used to that. I'm not one of them :)

Ron said...

OMG Deedles! Don't tell me that. Pat and I are going to check out the summertime temps. Should be interesting.

Deedles said...

*Snicker*, keep hydrated.

Ron said...

You KNOW I will keep you posted if we do visit Palm Springs this summer, which we plan to do.

Anonymous said...

29 bags of mulch? You’ll be Charles Atlas by the time you finish.

Mike said...

I remember a family camping trip in Borrego Springs. It was warm during the day but freezing at night. Then a sandstorm. The sand worked its way through the seams in the tent. Miserable night. Nice hiking, though.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - don't want to sound pessimistic but don't count that snow out yet. We are getting warmer up here as the week goes on but there is a threat of snow and cold coming up from Chicago. Isn't that going the wrong direction LOL?


VRC-Do You! said...


Let me be clear. This is your blog. If you want to express your frustrations with our political climate, I concur, then it is your right to do so.

It is great to hear other view points. One may not agree but it's your view.

As long as we keep it civil and respectful. I call this democracy.

Have a great Sunday and week.


Ur-spo said...

Yes PS in summer is very hot but most people just stay indoors for months on end, and the rich ones go to cooler climes until September or so.

Ron said...

I suspected that was the case. "Stay indoors for months on end", doesn't sound too appealing.

Ron said...

You're absolutely right! And as long as we "keep it civil and respectful". Still, I don't see how any reasonable person could ever support Trump.

Ron said...

I HOPE this is the last of the snow. Yesterday and today were gifts, of 64 degree temperatures. Spring like!

Ron said...

Never went camping. Always wanted to. Sleeping in a tent in the wild always appealed to me. However, I don't know about sandstorms.