Monday, March 05, 2018


 Me and Travel Buddy Pat in LA

This is one of those days in which I reflect on how lucky I am. 

My health is basically good.  Sure, my arthritis is creeping up on me but I feel I still can get around.

Around me I know too many people who are in failing health.  Folks who are dealing with fatal illnesses. I won't relate the specifics out of respect for those fine people, but I feel bad for them.

This morning I completed filling out my Federal tax returns.  Again this year Bill and I receive a refund because we're filing jointly. 

I live in a nice house. I'm able to go on holidays four times a year with my good friend Pat.

Today is a sunny day.  Oh sure, we still have you know who as president, and that is a source of constant worry for me, but I feel confident that the adults are in charge of the Big Orange Baby. 

Spring is coming. Bill is looking forward to mowing the grass again. 

The daffodils are up. 

Life is good folks.

I am thankful.


Travel said...

We are forever lucky to be here, when we are here, as who we are. Have fun along the way.

Ron said...

Well said David. At this time of my life, I appreciate every minute that I am aware of what is going on, able to do what I want to do and to live in comfort and my friends.