Thursday, March 08, 2018

More Palm Springs Memories

Last night I braved the cold, damp wind to attend my HOA board meeting at my neighbor's house. 

A second nor'easter had just roared through the East Coast since I returned from Palm Springs, California last month. Thank goodness we missed the snow here in southern Delaware. Unfortunately my longtime friend Larry, who lives in northern Delaware, was inundated with the white stuff.  Keep those Currier and Ives scenes up there Lar. Don't need that white stuff down here.

Walking through that bone-chilling cold last night reminded me of those glorious warm days I enjoyed just a few short weeks ago in California. This is why every year, as long as I am physically able and can afford it, I will punch a hole in winter and spend at least two weeks in sunny California.

Pat in the courtyard of our rented Airbnb in Palm Springs

The video posted here is of our (me and Pat's) last day at our Airbnb in Palm Springs. Folks, never in my life did I anticipate I would ever stay in such a luxurious place as I did in Palm Springs. Just goes to show you, go for your dreams. They may just some day come true. 

Pat and me at our Airbnb in the courtyard of our rented Airbnb in Palm Springs last month


Mike said...


Jon said...

I'm presently sitting here in the TN wilderness wearing three layers of clothes and still freezing my ass off (but no snow, thankfully).
Those wonderful Palms Springs photos bring back warm memories.

Travel said...

You could re-retire to Palm Springs.

Ron said...

That it is Mike. I LOVE Palm Springs!

Ron said...

The first time I saw palm trees in person was our first visit to LA three years ago. Now it is my annual pilgrimage to see those swaying palm trees as soon as I exit LAX. Today, here in southern Delaware it's freezing just like it is at your home in those Tennessee mountains. While I like the change of seasons (I think I do anyway), I do believe my ultimate destination will be Palm Springs. Just has so much to offer and I feel so comfortable there.

Ron said...

That's my plan David.

Raybeard said...

Palm Springs + sunshine = the perfect coupling. It couldn't be any other way!

Ron said...

Every day we were in Palm Springs, perfect sunny weather. We LOVED it! The perfect antidote to those cold gray days of February.