Friday, March 09, 2018

Moving Around In Palm Springs

More posts about our Palm Springs vaca folks!  During our past Winter Excursions to California I haven't posted near as many memories as I wanted to. I hope to correct that oversight this year before spring and summer overtake my interests here in Delaware.

This is a short video of Pat and I in downtown Palm Springs, California. Folks, check out that beautiful, blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. Every day folks, this was what the weather was like during our weeklong stay in Palm Springs. Oh sure, the mornings were chilly (around 50 degrees) but all days were perfection like this day. 

Pat and I strolled around downtown Palm Springs every day. Early on, Pat said "Will we have enough to do in Palm Springs?"  Well, that was not a concern as Pat soon found out. I now understand why the vibe and weather has made Palm Springs the destination of choice to so many movie stars and others of wealth and influence.

Only two short hours away from downtown Los Angeles, Palm Springs offers a welcome respite from the stress and strain of every day living. This is why I am seriously considering eventually moving to Palm Springs for my "second retirement" should I reach a grand old age. One thing is for sure, I won't be the only old gay man who has chosen Palm Springs for my final days.

Check out those fabulous pants on that one guy on the Segway. I want a pair of those!

Me relaxing during another glorious day in Palm Springs, California last month - no snow!


Raybeard said...

Before I saw your comment I WAS about to say "As if those trousers alone weren't enough to get him noticed!"

pat888 said...

Ron - that chair suits you!! Maybe a couple for the deck. Or the condo balcony!


Ron said...

Let's do it Pat!

Ron said...

I HAVE to get a pair of those pants!