Monday, February 26, 2018

Back From California

I'm back!

We arrived yesterday afternoon at Philly International airport. No flight delays but I had the "baby noise" on my WHOLE six hour flight back. That's right folks, one the way out to California two weeks ago I had a little boy whining and crying the WHOLE six hours. On the way back I had a little girl doing her whole range of noises from baby talk ("da da") to whining and an occasional piercing scream that only little girls can do. I've including one short video of my experience here in this blog posting. Oh I know I won't gain many fans from my constant whining about the baby noise that I am trapped with on these flights, but man oh man, after enduring the stress of going to the TSA security checkpoints the LAST thing I needed to hear for six plus hours was baby noise. My version of Hell, sitting on one of those tight airline seats subjected to baby noise behind me for eternity. 

I'm still getting settled here at home and I go to work today. But folks, the two week stay in California - GREAT!

Now to get those head phones to cancel the baby noise and put in my application for  TSA recheck, which I am told is well worth it even if I only use it a couple a times a year. 

Talk about the MeToo movement, after going through the security checkpoint yesterday, I felt totally violated, especially after I was called back for a second pat down. And here I thought when you're over seventy-five years old you didn't have to remove your shoes, belt and dignity. 

Much to tell about our stay in beautiful, sunny California. More to come! 


nitewrit said...


So where is the great news you promised to reveal in you next post?


Jon said...

Welcome home, Ron!
Sorry to hear that both your flights were ruined by noisy kids. Feel free to complain all you want. The only children that I like are the ones who live 100 miles away.

If I had my way, the entire world would be divided into two zones: The kid Zone and the Kid-Free Zone.
It's a shame that people who chose never to have children are constantly tortured by other people's undisciplined brats.

Strangely enough, when I was a kid I never cried or yelled or annoyed anyone. My parents said "Behave!" and I obeyed.


Ur-spo said...

you seem to be a baby-magnet.

Travel said...

Welcome home! Pre-Check and ear plugs are essential. I have security down to a system, I travel lite, (I always check a bag.) I take off my belt, put my wallet, phone, keys, watch (I tend to wear large heavy watches) and other pocket items in my messenger bag. Only if I forget something will I set off the metal detector. Once in a while I will get picked for a random screen, usually just a swabbing of my hands. Not having to pull out my laptop, camera and larger electronics really helps.

angie said...

I completely understand about detesting the shrill little girl screams. I had three daughters and taught elementary school for more years than I’d like to admit. But when those screams started, I shut that down quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Raybeard said...

Those 'noises off' in a confined space where there's no escape would drive me nuts! Jeez! If I lived in a country where guns were freely available I wouldn't have any lack of targets to practice on.

Looking forward to seeing your Episode 1, Ron.

Anonymous said...

I think in the same way dogs smell fear, TSA agents and crying babies know who will be most bothered
by their efforts or cries. Forget the journey and remember the trip.Hope you liked Palm Springs.
Did you get a chance to do the morning walk or see any of the Modernism week events?

Jane Karwat said...

Welcome back Ron and its good to hear you had a great vacation.

Ron said...

Haven't gotten around to it yet. So busy since I returned home just getting back to my regular routine. The big news is that Pat bought a condo in Palm Springs. He will rent it out as an investment. Maybe we'll stay there next year if there isn't a long term rental.

Ron said...

I don't dislike kids but I do dislike unruly, ill behaved kids. What I dislike is parents who don't have respect for others in the public when they take their kids out. My Mother was like yours because my Mother would tell us to be "QUIET"!. We never misbehaved ourselves in pubic. At home was another story. But in public, we wouldn't dare. There are some parents who do know their parental responsibility and raise their children correctly. They don't have to be cruel or beat their children but they do have a responsibility to set limits on them. Sad to say few parents do these days.

Ron said...

Oh I am that for sure. And to think I used to be a man-magnet. Those days are long gone.

Ron said...

I admire that you have the security down to a system. That's what I have to do. Getting a pre check authorization is the first step which I took (see my blog posting). Several times in the past I've been given a pass at the security check because I'm over 75 years old but not this last time out of LAX. I got the full treatment. Just awful. Air travel is not a pleasant experience. At least the next time I have noise cancelling headphones which I fully intend to take on every flight from now on. No more six hour flights with baby noise right behind my seat.

Ron said...

I don't know what it is with the Little Girl Screams. Interesting, not all little girls have that scream tendency. Our neighbors to the left side of our house has two little girls. The one I've never heard scream but the other one screams constantly. When we lived in Pennsylvania, "Stephanie", our neighbor little girl screamed all day from the time she ran out the front door until she went in at night. And they had a pool! I grew up with two younger brothers, we didn't scream.

Ron said...

That was the problem, there was NO ESCAPE from the baby noise. Trapped for six hours! No more, I now have Bose noise cancelling headphones which I will always take with me on all future airline flights.

Ron said...

We LOVED Palm Springs! Weather was perfect every day. Chilly but sunny and clear. Yes, we did see Modernism week events, take morning walks, and reunite with friends. All good. Unfortunately bookended by stressful flights which hopefully will not be as bad next year since I will have TSA pre check authorization and Bose noise cancelling earphones.

Ron said...

Thank you Jane! We had a grand time! Can't wait until next year. Each year our time in California gets better. And Pat bought a condo while he was in Palm Springs. Guess where we hope to stay next year?

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