Friday, February 09, 2018

California One Day Away!

My plant arrives at LAX in 2015 - I met Pat at the airport

One more day folks until we take the American Airlines flight out of Philadelphia for Los Angeles!

Getting nervous folks, as I always do when faced with catching a plane.

My friends Mike and Bob are taking me to Philly International Sunday morning for our 10:30 AM flight out of Philadelphia Sunday morning.

Tomorrow morning I'll review what I have packed in my carry on luggage. I have my list and I will be checking it multiple times.  Hopefully I won't forget anything but I always worry.  

Pat and I on Sunset Boulevard in front of the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel

I don't have to worry about my airline ticket, I have that on my iPhone app. Still, just to be safe I print out a ticket to take with me.

My two main concerns catching my flight is that I'll have to go to the bathroom and how much hassle I have to go through airport security. Sometimes I breeze right though but several times I've been pulled aside for special scrutiny. What's that all about anyway?  Do I look like a terrorist? Do I act suspicious? Who knows why TSA singles out people like me. I thought my age (76) they would breeze me through security. Oh well, I'll find out this Sunday.

And the bathroom needs, that's always a worry at my age. When I have to "go," I have to "go." This was never a problem when I was younger but now,  there is no holding "it" in. Oh I know what's the big deal about going to the bathroom at the airport? I don't like to "go" in public place but sometimes I don't have choice. Yes, I have used the Walmart bathroom (quite nice by the way). 

This is our (me and Pat) third year visiting California and Los Angeles, one week in West Hollywood and one week in Palm Springs. 

Me and Pat at the famous Sunset Blvd looking for the location of "77 Sunset Strip" (we didn't find it) - 2015

Pat and I don't have anything specifically planned except for going to the taping of "The Price is Right" TV show on Tuesday February 14th. In Palm Springs we'll visit with Dr. Spo and Someone and other blogger friends. 

Best time of my life now folks. Each year I am more crippled by arthritis but I'm managing. Pat is still getting over a bad cold. I have this phlegm in my throat I can't shake. But in spite of these nagging health issues we're still going. Adventure awaits us plus, and this is a BIG PLUS - warm weather!

I'll try to keep you all posted while we're in California, but can't guarantee daily updates but I'll do my best.


Raybeard said...

That 10 min video shows an epic ascent - like an amusement park ride, a ghost train where you don't know what will jump out at you. I'm getting quite familiar with the looks of it now, but it's the first time I've seen it in uninterrupted flow.Just fancy if you've got to get down it every morning to go to work, when lots of others will be doing the same, and then all the way up it (with others) in the afternoon/evening. A twice-daily hairpin ride that's guaranteed thrills! I suppose you'll be doing it again to see how things have changed. And then, of course, there's the iconic view looking over LA, so familiar to all we film buffs.

So. not long now. If it wasn't for your throat I'd be listening out for your "YIPEE!"
More fun when we see your vids. Have a LUVERLY time!

Ron said...

I can't imagine commuting every day to a home in those hills. And we weren't even at the very top. Fabulous views though!

Back Porch Writer said...

Oh have a wonderful trip. I think I manage to come here when you are traveling. lol I loved, loved, loved that video. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you share some more. I know I get a bit nervous when traveling too via planes. I always worry over every detail and am relieved when the travel is over. Have fun!

Ur-spo said...

see you soon !

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing the video! I've been reading Detective Bosch books and he lives up in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. I now see what it is like looking down on the other houses down the hill. On a recent trip I accidentally ended up driving in the hills/mtns overlooking Anchorage AK so I know what you mean about scary. Like you, I asked myself, who would want to drive up and down those hills/mtns to get to and from work, shopping, etc. every day. ha!

Ron said...

Back Porch Writer,
The most stressful part of my trips are the flights. Not a pleasant experience. Hopefully it will be better now that I have applied for a TSA pre check authorization and noise cancelling headphones.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Sorry to be so tardy in my response to your comment. I saw you and your buds and it was great! Hopefully we can repeat next year in Palm Springs!

Ron said...

This time out in the hills, we took a shorter drive up those hills and again wondered how anybody could get used to doing that every day. I like hills but I prefer to live on the flat land of Palm Springs, which is probably where I will eventually end up.