Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In California!

Good morning folks! I've been in California the past ten days. Right now we"re staying at a perfectly lovely Airbnb accommodation in Palm Springs, California. Pat and I arrived in Los Angeles Sunday, February 11th. We stayed three days in an Airbnb accommodation in West Hollywood. The same one we stayed in last year. However, I won't be staying there again. We have a private bedroom but we have to share the common quarters. Although all the couples we have shared this accommodation with have been nice (also foreign), there is a lack of privacy. Here in Palm Springs we have total privacy which is what I prefer. Doesn't seem to bother Pat but it does me. We stayed three days in West Hollywood then come here last Thursday. We leave tomorrow back for the same accommodations in West Hollywood. We leave California this Sunday. While here in Palm Springs we met up with Dr. Spo and Someone and other friends. We had dinner out and had the guys over for Tea Time at our place here, which has fabulous views. Unfortunately I won't be about to post any photos of videos on this posting. But do not despair, I have many photos and videos that I will post when I return home to Delaware this Sunday. This holiday is coming to an end which is always sad. But I'm also glad to return home. Bill misses me and I miss him. In my next blog I have some good news. How's that for a cliff hanger? Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun. Did you get to the FrontRunners walking group. Uplifiting to see so many men
in their 70s and 80's out walking and enjoying each other.
Palm Springs is lovely. We also drove out to Joshua Tree park.Beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hoping you made it on the Price Is Right


Raybeard said...

That lack of privacy aspect would bug me no end too.
Looking forward to your pics and vids - as well as that 'good news'.
Safe journey home, Ron - and Pat.

Travel said...

Great to hear from you,

Jon said...

Wow! Ten days already! Your vacation time seems to be flying by. Hopefully you're soaking up the warmth and enjoying yourselves. I'm excited to hear the "good news" (did you and Pat get a movie contract?). Take care.

Ron said...

Unfortunately, we did not get to the FrontRunners walking group. Maybe next year. However, we were with old men. I invited six of my friends over at our rented mini hacienda for Tea Time. A grand time was had by all!

Ron said...

We were there again at "The Price is Right" but unfortunately we weren't called to "Come on down!" by George. However, as usual we had a great time. The whole four hour experience is one big party and we always have a good time. Check us out in the audience during the April 26th show. We were at the show on February 14th, Valentine's Day but the taped show will be shown then. Both Pat and I have black T-shirts on. We should be easy to spot in the audience whooping it up and clapping.

Ron said...

Late in replying to your comment. We had a grand time which I will post about. Lots of pictures and videos. Next year we will be staying in the Airbnb rental by ourselves because I've already rented out the whole apartment just for me and Pat. No be being interrupted while Pat and I are cozy on the couch watching TV and having strangers pop into the apartment.

Ron said...

How you do this travel on a regular basis, I have to give kudos to you. I applied for my TSA pre check yesterday. I can't go through what I went through at LAX when we returned this past Sunday. It was awful. NO MORE.

Ron said...

Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. Yes, we had a great time as we always do when we're in California. West Hollywood was wonderful and I LOVE Palm Springs. That's where I will probably end my days. I'm planning on it already.

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